Friday, December 11, 2015

More Free Dragon Age Heraldry Colorwork Charts - Kirkwall, Legion of the Dead, Seekers of Truth

Check out last week's post for the Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish and Inquisition heraldry colorwork charts! [Here]

This week, I give to you Kirkwall, the Legion of the Dead and the Seekers of Truth. The Seeker chart is a little discombobulated with colors. Use your brain. The sigil is solid white, the background is two-toned with a split down the middle (or solid - it looks rad in solid black or black and gray with white...embrace your aesthetic)!

I've made all of these using sc tapestry crochet, but they should be fine for other yarn and needlework. Right click > Open in new window > Save so you can enlarge them as you see fit.

Make tweaks and use them how you like. I appreciate a link back to this post though! Like my Facebook page for more and visit my Etsy to buy goodies.

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