Friday, December 4, 2015

Free Dragon Age Heraldry Colorwork Charts - Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish and Inquisition

Oops, I've been hoarding colorwork charts. I made these forever ago for some crochet patches and then totally forgot about them. Dragon Age is pretty much my favorite franchise of anything ever and I have a ton of these heraldry charts because I got really over-excited about making them. I'll share more next week after I clean them up. 

I've used all of these here (Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish and Inquisition) with sc tapestry crochet and they turned out great. They should work for other fiber and needle-y projects and they are free for you to use! Of course.

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p.s. I apologize for how dark the Inquisition chart is. It's rare that I actually make charts in sort of the correct colors and I really should have used a lighter blue for better visibility of grid lines. My bad.

Here's a look at some of my crochet patches where you can see some of these charts in action:

Happy crafting, you nerds.

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