Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ranger-General Sylvanas Crochet Cosplay

The Recap: I started this idiotic/genius project over three years ago, but I worked on it very sporadically until about 9 months ago because I had no money because making things for people doesn't quite pay all the bills and also allow one to afford the shitloads of yarn and other things I needed for this personal project. I got a real job, so I had money, but then I had no time - the Great Adult Paradox, I suppose! I wanted to pull this off for DragonCon this year, but if you follow me on any social medias, you know that I worked on it nonstop and then even worked on it at the con and crashed and burned. I didn't have time for all of the detailing and I'm a huge stickler for details. All-ass or no-ass, ya know? But I left off "unimportant details" to save time and then I resorted to scrapping my original plan for how to make the shoulders, and my last-minute changes failed tremendously.

Current Status: Most of the costume is in this bin that I shoved it into when I finally threw in the towel on Saturday at the con, but I have officially removed the lid and I'm going to get started working on structural support for the heavy af shoulders (which still need a ton more detailing, which is going to make them even heavier). Then I'm going to go back and finish all of the details I meant for it to have in the first place.

Future: I swear on all things holy and good that I will make this happen for DragonCon 2019. After stewing about everything while crocheting I ended up not super happy with my wig because it doesn't go so well with my skin tone. So I'll be getting a different and lighter wig. Damn, Arda Wigs so heavy, ya'll! I definitely need a more ash blonde color over the more yellow blonde I chose. I'm also going to go with my original gut instinct to get white out contacts, BUT I'm upping the ante even more and I'm going to run blacklight wire around the trim of the cowl and my eyes gonna glow, betches! I may try to add LEDs into the gems too because I do love making light-up stuff. I'm just not sure how I'd rig all the battery packs and hide the wire since it's such an afterthought. The latter is still on the table and we'll see how it pans out.

I'm also going to go with the more traditional WoW elf ears. They're so gratuitous and I went with ears that were more Dragon Age-ish. But go big or go home, right? I like being at home though, so, uh...

I originally wanted to make the shoulders basically like football shoulder pads with something providing solid structural support in both the front and back and over my shoulders to keep them in place. I knew they'd be heavy and in my haste I even left off the bottom layer of golden leaves to make them lighter, but they were still too heavy to be supported by the yarn bodice piece alone. The support, which will likely be thick aluminum wire - like what I used for the bow - will be hidden by the bodice and a half-cape.

Speaking of that cape...I had always planned to take some artistic liberties with Sylvanas' cape because it would be like wearing a blanket on my shoulders in Atlanta, and just no. I ended up scrapping the half-cape entirely in my haste, but now that I have another year, I'm going back to that. It will have the same detailing and be heavily based on the full-cape.

I'm thinking about getting some extremely thin black tights and securing the leg armor to them. This will be the only main part of the costume that isn't made of yarn. I then also need to do a ton of detailing on the legs and return to the bodice detailing and adding support for my boobs to make it look like they're more ample than they are. The tiny, golden, swirling details were one of the big reasons I chose this as a crochet costume undertaking.

I also must confess, after this, I will be done with crocheting huge costumes. And crocheting costumes. The time involved for these things to be up to my insane standards is too much, and I'm getting old. Also crochet is rough on my elbow. But until then, I hope everyone's excited to see this masterpiece when it's finished. I'm not done costuming because real life is lame, and I'm thinking about doing Philippa from The Witcher as my costume after this.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

FREE KNITTING PATTERN: Jerry Horne's Mother's Hat from Twin Peaks the Return

UPDATE: I ordered some fab custom yarn from Lady Purl and I knit the hat white carrying white yarn throughout. I got pretty darn close. Probably a third shot at it and I could get it perfect. I should have used a finer weight for the white yarn, I think. See the updated images at the bottom.


Making this hat is easy, finding the right yarn is hard. I cannot find hideous variegated yarns that are correct for my life. The color sequence of the five purl sections from bottom up is: green, brown, red, blue, purple from what I can tell, followed by a knit crown repeating the colors, but the catch is that they're all variegated with white and some other mess, which is proving difficult to recreate with accuracy.

Pictures of the hat I made are included after the pattern. I even tried some ombre yarn for shits and giggles/out of dismay. I've also noted the yarns I used as well as possible suggestions.

(or just knitters...)

If you have color suggestions for this hat, please feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the list.

Now let's get to this easy pattern!

What You Need

  • variegated yarn, worsted weight
  • US size 6 or 7 circulars of preferred length for making hats
  • set of 4 corresponding DPNs
Gauge: 4 sts/inch, 5 rows/inch = 10" wide hat (the hat is super stretchy, especially lengthwise and laying flat mine is about 10")

It's really easy to resize this hat by decreasing your CO or doing fewer rows in each section. I did a CO of 90 sts, which is pretty average.

What You Do

CO your desired number of stitches with variegated green yarn;

Rnds 1-7: k around;

Rnds 8-14: p around;

Rnd 15: k around, switch to variegated brown at end of rnd;
Rnds 16-18: k;
Rnds 19-25: p;
Rnd 26: k around, switch variegated red at the end;
Rnds 27-29: k;
Rnds 30-36: p;
Rnd 37: k, switch to variegated blue at end;
Rnds 38-40: k;
Rnds 41-47: p;
Rnd 48: k, switch to variegated purple at end;
Rnds 49-51: k;
Rnds 52-58: p;
Rnd 59: k, switch back to variegated green at end;
Rnds 60-62: k;
Rnd 63: begin the crown of the hat (your decrease intervals will be based on your initial CO), *k8, dec, repeat from * around;
- change your colors every 4 rnds in the same sequence as above; switch to your DPNs when comfortable;
Rnd 62: k around;
Rnd 63: *k7, dec, repeat from * around;
Rnd 64: k around;
Rnd 65: *k6, dec, repeat from * around;
Rnd 66: k around;
Rnd 67: *k5, dec, repeat from * around;
Rnd 68: k around:
Continue this alternating pattern until hat is finished, close, weave in ends.

I clearly failed miserably at the color selection. I used Red Heart because they have some fabulous (ugly) variegated yarns, unfortunately, I chose poorly. Colors with strike through are the ones I used that didn't satisfy me, and I also included some notes/thoughts. The other options are still on the table until I get a chance to see how they look knitted.

Green: Red Heart Woodsy (too much brown, see below), Red Heart Desert Camo
Brown: Red Heart Latte Stripe, Red Heart Woodsy (but you'd have to be strategic to dodge the green sections)
Red: Red Heart Fall (too much green, no white/lighter parts); 
Blue: Red Heart Reef (too much brown), Red Heart Macaw
Purple: Red Heart Macaw (I don't know why I used this for this section, I think I was drunk)

There's always hand-spun and dyed yarn to make this work!

Jerry's Mother's Hat v2.0

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