Thursday, May 12, 2016

Free Pattern...Thursday?! Game of Thrones Tyrell Sigil and Motto Colorwork Chart

I was asked if I could whip up the Tyrell and Lannister sigils with their mottos and make the charts 100 x 100.

"No problemo," I said. Except I've only gotten the House Tyrell done. The Lannister lion is going to take a bit more effort and a longer attention span for me to rework it, but hopefully I'll have it done sometime next week.

Anywho...suitable for crochet, whatever, whatever. Free to use. I recommend right-clicking and opening the chart in a new window to get to the full-size, not just clicking. Depends on your browser though. Please link back to this page and give my facebook page a like if you make something cool with this. :)

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