Monday, April 18, 2016

Prepare Your Body for Game of Thrones Season 6 With These Colorwork Charts

All of these badass Game of Thrones house sigil grids are suitable for crochet, duplicate stitch, cross stitch, etc. etc. - whatever floats your needlework boat. Get creative and use them for whatever you want! To access the full-sized charts, you'll want to right-click and Open Link in New Tab (depending on your browser). Feel free to save the charts and make any necessary tweaks, just link back to this page or to my Facebook to give me a little credit. :D

You can take a stab at making your own colorwork charts using this amazing tool by Stitchboard. I created a tutorial you can find here if you want to see exactly how I make most of my grids. There are also lots of other totally free WoollyRhinoCrafts' charts and some patterns.

** House Clegane is sort of special. It's three black dogs on a yellow background. I had a major case of lazy and made one dog. You want to have two of the dog ABOVE and one of the dog BELOW between the ABOVE dogs. Put some rows of yellow between them and you've got the Clegane sigil. I think you're smart enough to handle that, Internet.

** Also a quick note about the Stark and Martell charts - these sigils are both three colors (obviously) and some rows are going to have all three colors. This means you'd be carrying two colors behind the active color while you work the pattern in you use it for tapestry crochet. This will greatly affect your gauge and in order for the finished project to not look too elongated vertically, you MIGHT...PROBABLY...POSSIBLY want to alternate rows of sc and sl. Don't quote me on this. Make a test swatch. XOXOX

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