Friday, August 14, 2015

FREE Yurikuma Paw Print Motif Crochet and Knitting Chart

If you've seen the bizarrely wonderful anime Yurikuma Arashi you surely remember the paw print motif that was all over the place. Well, unless you're someone that doesn't notice recurring patterns. It was on the Wall of Severance and also in the background during each Kuma Shock.

This chart -should- be continuous on all four sides if my brain was working correctly when I made it. Line it up. Stack it. Repeat it however many times. I haven't tested it at all, so it might end up a total disaster and I may have just lied to you. If you work it in the round for a hat or something you need to be mindful of the jogging at the start of each round for sure because it'll be right down the middle of a paw.

Enjoy! And if you make a thing with this chart, feel free to share it on my Facebook! Also like my Facebook as it's the cool thing to do.

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