Monday, February 16, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 47

I sort of took this last week off from yarncrafting. I still worked on my super sexy yarn squares though, of course. Row 3 is coming along nicely and I did some repeating in this row. I not only used a color I used in the first row, but I had some temporary color blindness and I used it twice in the third row...a day apart. Whatever! Crapghans FTW!

I made a pretty cool square out of the little bit of Moondance ombre that I had. It might be my favorite square yet. Just look at it. Wow. Such ombre! So gradient!

Anywho. I did a little work on my pleated skirt for my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay. I hope to finish up the skirt this week. When it's done, you can expect a detailed post about the process and whatever else I see fit to babble about.

It's snowing, which always makes me want to die. I'll try to live through it and give my cool readers some interesting blog updates this week. Maybe.

Oh, and I was doing some video game binging. I was compelled to catch up on the Dragon Age series so I took a break from one repetitive hand activity to do another. I'm hoping to go barreling through Inquisition soon. At which time I'll disappear from the internet again.

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