Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIP (Scarf) Wednesday!

Have I mentioned how much I love love LOVE when people ask me, "Can you make a ____?"

It gives me an excuse to make new colorwork charts and take a little break from making bigfoot hats! ;)

Last week, I had a friend ask me if I could make a Littlefinger-inspired scarf. Then I had another friend ask for a scarf with the Starfleet insignia. I got to work on both of these scarves over the weekend and I'll be finishing up the Littlefinger scarf today! Both of my pals gave me a fair amount of artistic freedom with both designs, and that's always exciting too. So here's a look at these pieces so far! Please ignore my messy desk.

Littlefinger Mockingbird Scarf

Petyr Baelish wears a rather recognizable mockingbird pin on Game of Thrones. I decided to make the design for this scarf based on his pin because the sigil of House Baelish isn't very cool and the show hasn't revealed Littlefinger's modified Baelish insignia yet (or has it?). Is that a spoiler? I don't want to bore anyone with Westeros trivia or give spoilers. He likes mockingbirds. It's, like, symbolic and stuff.

This scarf is double-knit in black and grey heather and I must confess that the mockingbirds came out looking a bit like chubsters - this is due to my slightly chubbier gauge in dk when working with worsted weight yarn. It's a double-sided mirror image and I still think it's pretty cool. In the center I did a transition with a gradient pattern, which turned out cooler than I anticipated. I'll post some pictures of this scarf completed tomorrow and also share the chart for both the mockingbird and the transition.

Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Scarf

Another dk scarf! This one is navy and the same grey heather. I'm going to be doing some similar gradient action in the middle of this scarf too because I liked it so much. I'm not too far along, but I hope to wrap it up by the weekend so it can go to its new home. I'll also share the Starfleet chart when I'm done. This scarf goes with the crochet beanie I made over the weekend. Hat and scarf combo! Awww yeah!

Maybe I'll take some scarfies! lololol

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