Sunday, December 7, 2014

Star Trek Starfleet Insignia Hat + Scarf Combo + FREE COLORWORK CHARTS

I finished up the Starfleet scarf, which was part of a special custom order (along with the matching Starfleet hat). Both are in navy blue and gray heather. The beanie is crochet while the scarf is double-knit. There are more images over on Facebook! Go check them out and like the page while you're there to keep up with all of the random stuff I make.
I used the same chart for both items (the one that is 25 st wide), but I also made a second chart that I was planning to use for the scarf until I decided to double-knit with worsted. It would've been way wide, but it would be great for other projects. The second chart shows a bit more detail. 

Fellow crafters, you are welcome to both charts below for whatever you want. If you make something cool, feel free to share it on my Facebook page and please give a shoutout back to this post or the Etsy shop!

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