Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shop Unique. Shop Etsy For The Holidays.

Hey Internet, 

Handmadeology (Facebook page here) is doing a neat promotion called Shop Unique. Shop Etsy for the Holidays. If you didn’t know about this already then you should totally check it out. There’s lots of cool handmade stuff out there, you just have to find it. If you're a fellow crafter then you should support your fellow starving artists for sure.
Here are a couple of my favorite Etsy shops/shops of my pals to feast your eyeballs on:
SouthPawEngraving (Facebook) - He makes a lot of earrings, but he can pretty much do anything from pendants for necklaces to Christmas tree ornaments. He also make things he’s already made in a million other colors. He's the dude behind Jarman Props too and he's making a limited number of Skyrim Iron Shields, which would be great for cosplay or decoration.

Illumine Artisan Works (Facebook) - Cute as shit hand-sewn merit badges. Need I say more? Also manga covers.

Lily Moon Crochet (Facebook and Tumblr) - If I slept on a bed of money I would buy all of these crochet squids and octopi for everyone I know and myself. I would then sleep on a bed of crochet cephalopods.
RatherBeCrocheting - Who doesn’t need a crochet loofa made with love and yarn?

Playroom Rd. Gifts - Ask this girl about custom, hand-painted magnets.

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