Friday, November 7, 2014

UPDATED Bigfoot Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

UPDATED on 1/9/15 - scroll on down for a crapton of variations...!

I've now made three awesome Bigfeet...Bigfoots...Sasquatch hats (and I'm working on a fourth) using the chart I made a while back. I made a few minor tweaks to the chart after the first hat (shown below). Here's the COMPLETE PATTERN, including that honeycomb-looking business at the top, which I also refined after the first hat. I'm fairly certain the original hat that Lorelai wears on Gilmore Girls is using DK yarn. It's the only way to get the appropriate number of hairy hominids around (I believe there are six). I used worsted weight yarn for all of the hats I've made, so the hat isn't completely identical to the one on the show and it has four mythical beasts.

Feel free to making any tweaks and adjustments to this pattern that you'd like. For the third hat I actually flip-flopped the two colors for the crown of the hat to mix it up (the blue hat below). If you make a hat or two, don't hesitate to share it on the Facebook and please give a shoutout as a link back to this page, tumblr or the Etsy.

What You Need
  • size 8 circular needles
  • size 8 DPNs, set of 4
  • yarn needle
  • stitch marker (optional)
  • worsted weight yarn in 2 colors

Gauge: roughly 4 st per inch makes a hat for average, adult heads

The Pattern

CO 96 stitches using your preferred cast on method in your MAIN color. This color will also be the color of your bigfeet as well as the top of the hat and obviously the brim. Join to form a circle, ensuring none of your stitches are twisted.

Brim: 5 to 7 rnds of K1P1 ribbing...more if you want a wider brim. Do whatever floats your boat. I'm not here to cramp your style. I used 6 rnds. To give the brim a finished look, switch to your second color, the BACKGROUND (BG). K all the way around in BG and then P all the way around in BG.

Work this chart 4 times, from left to right using knit stitches for your regular ol' stockinette.

Top and Decreasing: Here's where things might get tricky. You can just make a solid top part if you want, I won't shame you. 

After the final round in MAIN at the top of the chart, you need to begin working the following pattern:

You can shift it to the left or right a bit to position the honeycombs differently, but be sure to maintain the 12 sts. Repeat the first rnd of this chart 8 times around the hat. Begin decreasing in the second rnd of the pattern (I marked each rnd where you need to work decreases in the lighter gray, work even for the other rnds). You need to work the decreases between each honeycomb and it'll work out, I swear.This is a great time to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each rnd.

For the first rnd of dec - K10, K2TOG around;

K all st in the rnd;

K9, K2TOG around;

K all;

K8, K2TOG...this is the first sort of tricky rnd. The first st will be in MAIN, followed by 7 st in BG, K2TOG in MAIN, then repeat and you'll end up with 2 st between each honeycomb.

Continue this pattern until the honeycombs are done.

I kept the hat on my circulars until I finished the honeycombs then switched to DPNs and carried on, alternating dec rnds with rnds of K until I had 8 sts left. At that point, whip out your yarn needle and close that hole. Weave in your ends, so on and so on. Add a pom pom if you want. I used a 3" one of these for the hats that have one.

Happy knitting!

GLORIOUS VARIATIONS (added on 1/9/15)

5-Squatch Hat (Thanks go out to WireMonkey for getting to this before me. Go now and check out her Ravelry page!)

Lorelai's hat had five bigfootsies on it, so you'll want to do this for the most accurate Gilmore Girls-inspired hat. Just drop your needles down to size 6 and use DK yarn. CO 120 and repeat the bigfoot chart 5 times and the honeycomb chart 10 times. Add length to the brim to make a longer hat.

3-Squatch REVERSIBLE Double-Sided Child and Adult Hats

**Siouxsie Stitches created what is basically Double-Knitting for Dummies. Go there and look at it if you want to get started double-knitting. It really helped me wrap my brain around it. Double-knitting colorwork just requires doubling the number of stitches in your colored sections and maintaining the alternating knit and purl stuff...if that makes any sense (this is totally why I don't make tutorials explaining actual skills). It's not as hard as it sounds, I swear.

For a kid's (or small adult) hat use size 5 needles and cast on 144 sts in DK/sport weight yarn. This gives you the 3 bigfeet on either side (72 sts per side). If you need to add length then I recommend making the brim longer. After doing a brim of at least 1" or so you can either create the different texture ridge by swapping your knits and purls or just do a rnd in your alternate color. Then begin double-knitting the bigfoot chart and then you'll need to double-knit 6 of the honeycomb chart (if you want them).

For an adult hat use size 6 (or 7) needles and again CO 144 in DK or sport. You'll need at least a 1" brim. I went with 1.5" because my gauge changes pretty substantially when I double-knit. The needle size you need depends a lot on your double-knitting gauge and your yarn.

I chose not to do the ridge above the brim on the handful of double-sided hats I've made. I also chose to leave off the honeycombs on the crown. Personal preference - nothing more. Both are still possible with double-knitting. You can even still have a ribbed brim.

Woo hoo! As usual - happy knitting! Show me your bigfoot hats on the Facebook page and don't forget to share this pattern with your pals!


  1. After linking this post on my FB page, I was overwhelmed with requests from family members. I've already made 5 of these!! They are really fun to knock out.

    To make a 5-squatch hat in dk, just use size 6 needles and cast on 120 stitches and make one more pattern repeat--it works out perfectly. I found I had to make the brim a bit wider to make up for the smaller stitch height of the dk yarn.

  2. Man, people love these hats! And I'm glad other folks are having fun making them. I've gotten nonstop requests for them since I made the first one and I STILL haven't gotten a chance to make one in dk. You've definitely saved me some pondering time!

    As soon as I get around to dk and get some pictures taken I'll add a lil addendum to this post and give you a shoutout for your glorious stitch counting. :D


  3. Today I got my Lorelai Hat :-)) It is a fantastic work. I love it. It is perfect !!!
    Thank you so much. A little bit of "Stars Hollow" in Germany.

    THANK you and wish you all the best - every time again , it is fantastic

  4. Here's a link to my Ravelry Page with most (but not all) of the Squatches.

    All of these were gifts, but I've gotten several requests from people wanting to commission/buy one from me. I've told them I'd need to see what your royalty would be (I would NOT sell them without pattern designer permission and royalty payment).

    1. Wow! Those look great. Don't worry about a royalty - sell as many as you want! Direct people to my etsy shop as you see fit and I can also make some more. I've been working on some reversible versions and trying to perfect a child size too.

    2. I'm so pleased you like them! I told people to go to knitpicks and choose their colors. Some combinations were...interesting.

      I found through trial and error if you use DK yarn and *don't* add any more rows, the hat is shorter and more of a beanie for a teen or small woman. I would think you could just use DK and a four squatch repeat for a kid's version. It's a really flexible pattern!

      If I do end up selling any, I'll throw a couple of bucks your way per hat. You're the designer and should get a slice of any sales.

    3. I literally just updated this post with the 5-squatch version and also reversible versions of the hat! I linked to your sasquatch hats on Ravelry too.

      At some point there was also an original designer before me, since I saw this silly hat on Gilmore Girls. I was really surprised no one had made a chart for it before I did. It was definitely a lot of staring at screencaps of the show then a fair bit trial and error to make it work, but I don't expect much as far as any sort of royalties go. :)