Friday, July 4, 2014

Borderlands Vaulthunter Logo - Free Colorwork Chart

Happy 4th of July AND Free Pattern Friday! I guess this is more of a Free Colorwork Chart Friday, but doesn't sound as good, does it? This week I've got the Borderlands Vaulthunter logo for you. This is the chart I used for the orange pom pom hat as well as the crochet patch. I used a slightly larger chart for the square hat. The smaller chart is much more versatile. It's good for both colorwork knitting and crochet.
Use this chart however you'd like, but please link back to this post, to the WRC Etsy or Tumblr!

The grid was made using the KnitPro Web App, which is amazing.


  1. I tried this chart but 16 wide by 24 high did not make a circle.
    Very disappointing.

    1. I'm sorry you're disappointed in a free pattern. If you flip-flop the dimensions it's unfortunately not going to be a circle anymore. Crochet as well as knit stitches, especially when doing colorwork, are not perfect squares - they're a bit taller than they are wide. This is why the grid is 16 high and 24 wide with rectangular segments. if you follow the chart as shown, it will be a circle. I've used it many times.