Sunday, June 22, 2014

World of Warcraft Horde Emblem Colorwork Chart

28x35 stitch colorwork chart of World of Warcraft Horde Emblem (click for full size)

I've only ever used it for crochet, but it'll work for knitting. The hat pictured was made using sl and the patch is normal sc. If you use this for a crochet hat and want to sc you will need to play with your gauge/hook size because it is a little tall. This is as small as I could make it without losing detail and the reason the grid isn't squares is because it helped make the pointier bits look pointier and less chunky...if you get what I'm saying.

Feel free to use this chart however you like, but I would appreciate a link back to this article, the WRC Etsy or Tumblr. Enjoy!

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