Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Beam Guardian Scarf v3.0

As I mentioned last week, I took apart the Beam Guardian scarf and then took a break from it. I needed to re-evaluate my methods and I also ended up tweaking the charts for Maturin and Shardik as well. Not a lot. I made them a bit simpler so I could make the scarf not as wide.
Making a scarf on circular needles is a huge chore and it was immensely boring. Blah blah blah sob angst. I'm making this scarf in parts, but now that I have sort of finalized the general structure I'm going to make any subsequent scarves in fewer pieces and maybe even in the round. Assuming I don't want to die after this one.
This beast is currently hanging out at about 17” long. I’m hoping to do 13” more of the staghorn cabling today and then start work on the center AKA the Dark Tower! omg this is going to be huge and epic.

I decided to make the Tower a rose like the one pictured in Treachery #3 in the chapel in Debaria (take look at the ultra-rough sketch I just did!). I’ll need to clean it up, simplify it and chart it. I want it to be a bit smaller than the guardians. The lines shooting off from the leaves are going to spiral around the rose and hopefully look cool? Since I’m prone to have ideas and then hate how I execute them I’m going to make the tower a separate panel so that I don’t have to take apart the entire scarf if I lose my mind again.
After the center I’m going to start at the opposite end, make Shardik then cable back up to the center and attach all of these pieces. Who the hell makes a scarf in pieces? I DO. Haters gonna hate. After that I’m going to make a nice solid piece for the back and stitch up the sides, add tassels and then be done with this thing. :D

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