Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mass Effect Colorwork Charts!

ATTN: Mass Effect Yarncrafters

Here's the deal with these charts: I've only used them for crochet, but they'll be fine for knitting. The Cerberus chart below is not the chart I used for the Cerberus patch. I also only included the small Omega chart. The large Omega chart and the Cerberus chart I used are both too tall to be particularly useful unless you want to only use fingering weight yarn or you're making a sweater. The charts below are much more versatile.

Buy the N7 beanie here! Also check out the N7 crochet patch.

Is anyone interested in an Alliance or C-Sec chart? I was thinking about making an Alliance hat in the near future, so that chart at least will eventually appear here.

Anywho, enjoy and use these however you like! Please link back to this post, to the WRC Etsy store or to my Tumblr though.

Oh, oh...and while I'm still here - there are some amazing free charting tools online:
The KnitPro App (I used this one for the N7 and the Omega charts actually - I like it because the grid lines are blue!)
StitchBoard Pattern Wizard (many, many features...such features...very chart...and I used it for the Cerberus chart)

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