Friday, March 14, 2014

The Argyle Pillow

This was a long time coming. I ran out of polyfil, so it was half-stuffed for the last two weeks or whatever. I finally finished it because I got more fiber. Buy it here. It is a mere $25.

I'm fairly pleased, despite the minor errors you can see if you look closely. It was an error in my pattern sketch. I pinpointed it and resolved the issue for later use of the same pattern...not that it's a hella complex argyle or anything, but learning and shit.

I sketched out some different argyle patterns the other night so I can do some more argyle in the near future. Argyle is, like, my favorite pattern omg. I want to make tweed argyle hats. I'm going to lay off the hats for a while though and make some spring/summer stuff - sarongs and cozies, bitches. Awww yeeaaaaaah!

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