Thursday, June 1, 2017

Fully-Crocheted Sailor Saturn Costume For Sale + Some Updates

This is kind of a good news/bad news post. Maybe bad news/bad news. I'm not sure anymore because I've become completely dead inside at last.

To get right to the point: my Etsy sales have plummeted. My traffic in general has plummeted, despite my best efforts to drive these things back up since the decline began back in January. I'm doing worse this year than I did my first year when I had no idea what I was doing.

What does this mean?

This means I had to get an adult job where I have to iron my pants and wear black socks, and give up on my hopes and dreams of making a living as some sort of creative-type.

What does THAT mean?

That means I won't be designing or making nearly as many things as I was, that free patterns and charts are going to be few and far between, I'll be scarce, and I'm shifting gears.

I'm going to start leaning more toward selling patterns rather than physical products, which is a direction I've been leaning for the last few months. I have a pretty hefty stock of physical stuff in my shop right now, but when it sells out I won't be re-stocking extensively like I used to do, and when my made-to-order listings expire they won't be renewed. I'll probably still make a fast hat of some sort each week to maintain my knitting callous, but custom orders will be extremely limited and actually priced appropriately based on the hours that I put into making things (I've been grossly low-balling myself just to close sales, but now if you won't pay my asking price, I'm not making you anything - the end). When I do make new things of note they're going to be larger-scale, bigger-ticket items (e.g. sweaters), and I'm going to focus more on my personal projects (e.g. my crochet Sylvanas costume), so this is sort of cool? Maybe?

Because I've completely run out of money and I have no plans to ever wear this costume again, I'm looking to sell my Sailor Saturn crochet cosplay from DragonCon 2015. I've washed it and it's in perfect condition. I only wore it for this one event, but I did wear it a lot over that weekend. The Silence Glaive was irreparably damaged, so it is NOT for sale, and I will not be making another. COSTUME ONLY.

This costume includes:

  • size 7 boots (but they're a little tight),
  • bodice,
  • pleated skirt,
  • elbow-length fingerless mitts,
  • tiara,
  • choker thing,
  • earrings made by Jarman Props
I'm a very small person. I cannot put enough emphasis on this. I'm 5'3" and 90 lbs. This is not a one-size-fits-all costume. My measurements are approximately 32/26/32 and I made this to be form-fitting on me. I think I was closer to 100 lbs and my measurements may have been a little larger at the time, but I've lost some weight due to crippling despair over the state of humanity, my life being in shambles, etc. 

The costume does have some stretch, but it is very heavy, and it can become hard to breathe in high heat and humidity. I'm not responsible if you wear this and die. Be smart.

It's 100% acrylic yarn, so it is machine-washable. It's Caron Simply Soft to be exact. You can read all of the related posts about this costume here. I'll answer any additional questions you have, just ask them.

It took me 400+ hours to make between trial and error, sizing, and just working on it in general. It also took a substantial amount of yarn even though I'm a tiny human. If you're interested, contact me via my personal email: Make me an offer. Seriously inquiries only. I will ignore you if you make an idiotic offer.

Like my Facebook page for updates when I get around to working on stuff after I get settled into my grown-up job.

This is not goodbye. It's just time to put away my childish things. tl;dr. XOXOXOX

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