Sunday, April 30, 2017

Awesome Etsy Shop Roundup Time! 3 Awesome Etsy Shops To Buy Things From Right Now!

I usually do this around Christmas time, but these shops all have awesome year-round items (unlike me, although I am leaning more toward plushies and patterns lately, which are totally rad all the time). I've also been painfully bad at blogging the last several months, and this gives me a nice reason to make a post, right? lulz ;-)

So here goes...check out these freakin' cool Etsy sellers and buy stuff from them because they're cool people selling cool stuff. Get someone a unique gift or treat yo self! Don't buy stuff from Walmart, buy stuff from these real life humans instead! Give your money to real life hoomans! DO IT.

Touch of Gaea

Handmade goods with a botanical twist!

Touch of Gaea specializes in these really neat, trendy leather cuff bracelets with engraved metal. There's a good variety in stock at this second and you can specify if you need a different size! To make the cuffs even cooler, each comes with an essential oil of your choice that can be applied to the leather.

Touch of Gaea Etsy

EDIT: My friend who runs Tough of Gaea wanted me to add that she's a sarcastic eccentric showing crazy Hallmark tendencies with these bracelets.

Mercat Curiosities

Unique shiny things!

An exceptionally awesome friend of mine just started Mercat Curiosities, so it's totally brand new. She sells vintage jewelry that she picks up on various adventures as well as handmade, beaded jewelry from beads she collects from all over as well.

She has a lot of very cool chunky necklaces, some flashy off-the-wall stuff as well as timeless, sophisticated pieces. Literally, something for everyone. She has a lot of especially cool polished stone items and some eccentric happy-colored skull bead items as well.

Mercat Curiosities Etsy

Adults Are Kids Too

Silly prints, notecards, other nerdy oddities!

The eclectic shop, Adults Are Kids Too, features hilariously cute things. I'm not even sure how to describe or explain what's going on. These some art prints, mixed media home decor like this beautiful R2D2 felt embroidery and perler bead masterpiece. Just go there and look at the stuff. Seriously.

Adults Are Kids Too Etsy

Alright, internet frens. Visit these shops, favorite them, buy things. Stop by their facebook pages and give them likes, follow those instagrams! Wooo!

Don't forget to also stop by my shop, WoollyRhinoCrafts, too. Also, my facebook.

Friday, April 7, 2017

One of Jimmy Gibbler's Hats - Free Fuller House Colorwork Chart for Knit Hat

I promised to chart this hat many months ago after I watched the second season of this corny show, but it was right in the midst of the holiday hat rush. I just now had time to sit down and do it. Whew!

Jimmy wears a lot of hats in Fuller House (and I'm a big sucker for nostalgic shows, if you didn't know - also a sucker for hats that look fun to chart). I'd like to pattern all of his hats eventually, but this one seemed like a good place to start with a pretty simple colorwork grid. This is classy hat that would be great for pretty much anyone.

This chart should work for a CO 96 hat on 6s or 7s. You can feel free to experiment with it, change the colors, whatevs, etc.

Jimmy's hat is a dark red/mauve/burgundy sort of color on white with a fold up brim. I think it would look cool with a pom-pom and any two contrasting colors, honestly.

If you'd like me to pattern the entire hat, just let me know. I can also make these hats of course. Like my Facebook page for more of what I'm up to and visit my Etsy shop to buy my things so I can afford to keep doing stuff for free sometimes. ;)

Happy crafting! XOXOX