Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dragon Age Heraldry Colorwork Charts Part 3: Templars, Qunari and Tevinter

Part 1: Antivan Crows, Circle of Magi, Dalish, Inquisition
Part 2: Kirkwall, Legion of the Dead, Seekers of Truth

Alright, friends! Long time, no post. I'm slacking on this blog big time. Feel free to shame me. I deserve it. I was asked to procure some Qunari and Tevinter heraldry charts, and I also found an unfinished Templar chart, which is now finished. The Qunari chart was totally done, but I clearly forgot to include it in my two previous Dragon Age posts.

I haven't tested any of these charts, but they should be good for tapestry crochet, duplicate stitch, cross stitch or whatever is your fancy. The Tevinter chart doesn't have as much detail as I would have wanted ideally, but it would have needed to be huge to capture it.

Feel free to share these charts or use them for whatever. Linking back here is always appreciated. Give my facebook page a like and also drop by my Etsy shop!

Happy crafting!

(click on these for bigger versions, save 'em, enlarge 'em)