Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Crochet CL4P-TP: A Useless Robot Made of Yarn

Everyone's favorite most hated robot on Pandora (and Elpis) is now available in an adorable 13" crochet version...made by me, not by Hyperion! And made of yarn! For cuddles?!

He's supposed to be a general purpose robot, but we all know he's a useless piece of garbage! A crochet Claptrap is just as useless, but at least he doesn't talk, so that's an improvement.

Made-to-Order Crochet Claptrap
$90 + shipping
1-2 week production time, but I will try DAMN HARD to do it in under a week, especially with the holiday season upon us...I will also do colors other than yellow!

Claptrap Crochet Pattern
Includes charts and other junk in an attempt to help you understand my brainprocess.

I do intend to have some ready-to-ship Claptraps (available for cheaper) in the shop at some point, but I don't know if it will be before the mighty gift-giving holidays that are fast approaching.

Observe! WIP pictures!

Claptrap is a nosy little shit...

Here is Claptrap on a dog.

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