Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday - A Splatoon Bobble Hat Update

My blog has been so neglected! I've been spending every waking hour making Phoenix Wright 'PaPa' hats (also available without the button here) and Noiz cosplay hats, which I think I mentioned in my last update...ages ago. I swear that I'll eventually get back into the habit of Free Pattern Fridays one day as well.

I tried very hard to get some Splatoon Bobble Hats ready in time for Halloween, but a series of strange events occurred with fabric being out of stock, so on and so forth. I won't bore you with my excuses because I hate listening to excuses and I'm sure you do too.

What can I do to make up for my failure to reach my own arbitrary deadline? A coupon code, of course!

And I have actually made progress on the Bobble Hats too! I made the labels for the brim and I got the buttons from Snow Bunny Studios. I have the fabric for the white side of the tentacles, so I'm just waiting on the colored fabric. The tentacles are going to be about 48" and stuffed with polyfil and super awesomeness.

You can snag one of these hats AS IS from the shop for $45 + shipping or wait on the tentacled hats next week (fingers-crossed) for $65 + shipping. Contact me with a custom order request if you're interested in a hat WITHOUT tentacles. 

Five colors are available - turquoise, green, pink, orange and purple.

Here are some pictures:

Check out these awesome buttons! I love buttons. I love making hats that require buttons. Buttons! 

Below is a nice view of the shape of the hats and placement of buttons and label. The labels are made of felt and then I drew on them by hand and machine-sewed them into place.

And here are the colors! I am willing to make these in other colors, but custom orders will be a bit more costly on account of I'll have to go get all of the materials and find fabric that matches the yarn, etc. etc.

Until next time, happy crafting! XOXOXOX

p.s. Maybe if you wish really hard I'll pull some sort of free colorwork chart from my butt for this week. ;-)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Splatoon Bobble Hats

I've been horribly neglectful of my blog the last several weeks. I haven't had time for any Free Pattern Friday goodies and I'm only really working on one new project - Splatoon Bobble Hats!

[Sidebar: I keep mispelling "bobble" as "booble" so, uh, oops? I usually catch it, but I'm unpredictable!]

Hopefully, I'll have a few completed Bobble Hats in the shop next week and I'm going to add an expedited shipping upgrade option in case anyone needs one for Halloween. Completed hats will have tentacles and all of the brim accessories. I might also have tentacle-less hats as an option too because I haven't totally settled on a fabric. The first few will be fleece. I love fleece, but I don't think it's cost-effective and I live in America where the only thing that matters is money. ;)

At the moment there are two failed hats in the shop, a turquoise hat and an orange hat. Each are $15 + shipping. They're fun, pointy hats! Fine hats for, you know, keeping your head warm. $15 is hella cheap for a handmade hat, kids. The holidays are coming.

These Bobble Hats have been slow coming, not due to any particular difficulty, but because I keep having to stop to make Phoenix Wright 'Papa' hats! As soon as I get them in the shop, they sell out and it's an endless cycle. No, there are none in the shop at the moment. Yes, I'm working on one right now and I'll list it as soon as I finish. Literally. I'm here to please. They're the most time-consuming hat I make by far and I'm alternating between working on them and working on the Splatoon hats.

While I'm on the subject of Halloween and costume hats...sort of...I lowered the price of the DRAMAtical Murders Noiz hat to $35! There are a handful available and ready-to-ship right now! Button included.

And now to digress slightly, but still costume-related. I finished the write-ups on my website for my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay as well as my BL:TPS Nisha from Dragon*Con.

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