Monday, July 27, 2015

Sailor Moon Crocheted Tiaras - Ready-To-Ship, Custom Orders and $1 Pattern

A Brief Recap

Crocheted Sailor Saturn (AKA Sweater Saturn) has been a fun yarn adventure. You can read all of my posts about this ridiculous cosplay here and expect a trial run of me in the full get-up soon. The Silence Glaive is still in the repair process, but it's going well. My insane idea to inject epoxy resin under the yarn appears to be working and I don't think I'll have to resin the entire thing.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in a previous post, but I'm having custom earrings made by SouthPaw Engraving. I'm not snagging them from him until DragonCon, so they won't be in my final trial run photos. Nor will I have my hair dyed because I'm not doing that until the week before my pilgrimage because I'm concerned with the color fading and I don't want to re-dye.

I'd been pretty regularly posting updates on tumblr as I worked on this project and I noticed a substantial amount of people being all like, "PATTERN PLZ." And this is what brings me here today...sort of.

There Is No Pattern!

Freeform crochet, ya'll. It was a fair amount of trial and error, eyeballing, some math, a lot of measurements of myself and of my work for sizing purposes, extrapolating my crochet knowledge to create shapes and then connecting all of the parts together using my brain and my hands and a lot of patience. I literally didn't write anything down aside from scribbled notes pertaining to measurements.

I can tell you that I mostly used a size F hook and that everything was made from Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn. Acrylic haters gonna hate. Bakers gonna bake...

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah. To shape the bodice I used a measurement guide (the one piece block) intended for sewing a leotard, which was online, but the exact one I used has since been removed, so I can't even help you there.

Had I written down the pattern, it would only fit me. And I'm not average sized. Re-sizing would be madness.

Wait! There are two exceptions:
After I made my tiara I realized that it was simple enough for me to replicate and actually write down what I did. So I did that. I also made a million tiaras. Ok, ok, not that many, but a lot. They're fun.

You can get yourself a ready-to-ship crocheted Sailor Moon tiara for $5 from the shop or order a custom one. I can make all of the senshi colors and some others that I thought looked cool.

Or you can buy the pattern for $1 and make your own! The pattern includes a number of pictures for additional clarity and I think it's a really nice, quick beginner project.

Maybe. Just maybe, for my next (and still secret) crochet cosplay, I'll actually write down what I do, at least as some sort of starting point. I make no promises though. Stopping to write things down makes me totally lose my mojo.

XOXOX - Happy Crafting, Internet!

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