Friday, July 31, 2015

A Bunch of FREE Amigurumi Patterns I Found On The Internet

I've been on quite the amigurumi kick lately. Not making them, but looking at other peoples' awesome ones. I ran into some very cool and totally free patterns while patrolling the Interweb tubes this week, and I've gathered a few of my favorites here for you. I initially encountered most of these while cruising tumblr, my least favorite social media that is sometimes oddly useful. lulz

Eventually I'm going to get around to making that actual-size crocheted Claptrap...until then, enjoy this glorious round-up of things that I did not make, but that other awesome people made and then shared fo' free!

GTFO look at this little dude. He's almost as super-sexy as the hot Hemsworth. This cool crafting master also has a free Loki pattern to complete your Marvel amigurumi-making life. Thor tho. Lookit him.

Check out Lucy's other patterns! There are a bunch of free and some paid patterns on LoveCrochet (which is a great site to blunder around on when you need to make someone a free gift because you forgot their birthday and are the worst friend ever). I love this Totoro. 

I couldn't decide which one of these was my favorite. Again, this fabulous Internet-human has a number of amazing free patterns available. Who doesn't love Oogie Boogie? And Toothless? Ok, ok, I may actually have to make myself a Toothless because I am a huge sucker for the entire Dragon franchise of cuteness and feels.

I love bok choy. I also love crochet. I am eternally grateful that there exists a bok choy amigurumi. I also recommend cooking boy choy, but not a crocheted bok choy. 

All images used are the property of their respective owners, not me! Follow me on Facebook, tumblr and buy things from my shop. Happy crafting! XOXOX

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sailor Moon Crocheted Tiaras - Ready-To-Ship, Custom Orders and $1 Pattern

A Brief Recap

Crocheted Sailor Saturn (AKA Sweater Saturn) has been a fun yarn adventure. You can read all of my posts about this ridiculous cosplay here and expect a trial run of me in the full get-up soon. The Silence Glaive is still in the repair process, but it's going well. My insane idea to inject epoxy resin under the yarn appears to be working and I don't think I'll have to resin the entire thing.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in a previous post, but I'm having custom earrings made by SouthPaw Engraving. I'm not snagging them from him until DragonCon, so they won't be in my final trial run photos. Nor will I have my hair dyed because I'm not doing that until the week before my pilgrimage because I'm concerned with the color fading and I don't want to re-dye.

I'd been pretty regularly posting updates on tumblr as I worked on this project and I noticed a substantial amount of people being all like, "PATTERN PLZ." And this is what brings me here today...sort of.

There Is No Pattern!

Freeform crochet, ya'll. It was a fair amount of trial and error, eyeballing, some math, a lot of measurements of myself and of my work for sizing purposes, extrapolating my crochet knowledge to create shapes and then connecting all of the parts together using my brain and my hands and a lot of patience. I literally didn't write anything down aside from scribbled notes pertaining to measurements.

I can tell you that I mostly used a size F hook and that everything was made from Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn. Acrylic haters gonna hate. Bakers gonna bake...

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah. To shape the bodice I used a measurement guide (the one piece block) intended for sewing a leotard, which was online, but the exact one I used has since been removed, so I can't even help you there.

Had I written down the pattern, it would only fit me. And I'm not average sized. Re-sizing would be madness.

Wait! There are two exceptions:
After I made my tiara I realized that it was simple enough for me to replicate and actually write down what I did. So I did that. I also made a million tiaras. Ok, ok, not that many, but a lot. They're fun.

You can get yourself a ready-to-ship crocheted Sailor Moon tiara for $5 from the shop or order a custom one. I can make all of the senshi colors and some others that I thought looked cool.

Or you can buy the pattern for $1 and make your own! The pattern includes a number of pictures for additional clarity and I think it's a really nice, quick beginner project.

Maybe. Just maybe, for my next (and still secret) crochet cosplay, I'll actually write down what I do, at least as some sort of starting point. I make no promises though. Stopping to write things down makes me totally lose my mojo.

XOXOX - Happy Crafting, Internet!

Friday, July 24, 2015

George Costanza's Snowflake Hat - FREE Seinfeld Knitting Pattern

I'd been waiting for a reason to make a hat with a double-thick brim even since I came across this tutorial video on Youtube. I thought to myself, "Self, that would be a great way to make a hat with an unribbed fold-up brim without double-knitting it."

Then I was watching Seinfeld. Lo and behold, in the glorious fashion of a Festivus miracle, Season 2 Episode 12 graced my television. George wears a hat with an unribbed, fold-up brim - the perfect opportunity to try out this double-think brim business. It is a beautiful and simple hat with snowflakes and a pom pom. For complete accuracy I believe the hat needs to be made with DK weight yarn and should have 6 snowflakes on it. I chose to use worsted weight and have 5 slightly larger snowflakes.

My finished hat measured about 10.5" across and 8" tall, excluding the pom pom.

Here. I give this hat pattern to you, Internet knitters.

  • CO: cast on
  • YO: yarn over
  • K: knit
  • P: purl
  • K2TOG: knit two together, decrease
  • st, sts: stitch, stitches
  • rnd, rnds: round, rounds
  • size 6 circular needles (7s should also be fine), whatever length you're comfortable with, you'll be knitting in the round
  • set of 4 size 6 DPNs
  • worsted weight yarn in black and light green (or whatever colors you want, really) - I used Radhart Supa Sava (AKA Redheart Super Saver) and some mystery green yarn that I've had for years
  • 3" pom pom maker
  • yarn needle or smallish crochet hook for weavin' in ends
  • stitch marker (optional - I never use them because I live on the edge)
What You Need To Do
  • The Brim: CO 90 sts, using your favorite CO method and PURL to join your ends
  • Rnds 1-14: P around and around, you may want to use a stitch marker to mark the start of your round so you don't go insane - this is going to be your brim. You'll be folding it up, over the right side of your hat, so you want your knits to be on the inside. If you want a thicker brim then do more rounds.
  • Rnds 15-30: K around and round. You want to have the same number of K rounds as you had P rounds OR you can just keep purling if you want a smoother bottom edge where the fold it. Just make sure you use the same number of sts to maintain your desired brim size. 
    • I recommend the latter, which I didn't do for my prototype hat (pictured). I ended up with that little ridge of purls at the bottom, which I'm not super pleased with.
  • Rnd 31 (where this gets exciting): fold up the bottom portion of the hat and join it to your live loops using the double-thick joining awesomeness shown here. In the tutorial video, the brim is folded under, but we don't want that for this hat. Fold it up and over and then insert your needle through the first CO loop and the first loop of the current round. YO and pull through BOTH sts to make a K stitch. If you didn't switch to K in the previous step you will be switching to K at this time.
    • This is really awkward at first. It helped me to scream, "SERENITY NOW!" before each stitch.
  • Rnd 32: begin the chart, starting in the bottom right corner
  • The Crown: K at least 1 rnd before beginning your dec; you can add more rnds of K before decreasing to create a slouchier hat. George wears his hat sort of dorky and not over his ears, so I didn't make a very long hat. This is up to you! FREEDOM! 
  • Dec as follows:
    • k16, k2tog, repeat around
    • k15, k2tog, repeat around
    • do this until there are 10 sts left, switch to DPNs when it gets uncomfortable on your circulars
  • Close your hole, attach your pom pom, wear your George Costanza pom pom hat.
Feel free to make different colored variations of this hat and experiment with different numbers of stitches here and there. I always enjoy seeing things other people make. Like my Facebook page, follow my tumblr, friend me on Ravelry. Show me your George Costanza hats! Feel free to also share your variations and I'll add links to them on this page because I'm so damn friendly.


Alternately, you can buy the hat I made. I can also make you a hat for a small monetary fee in the colors of your choosing if you'd like.

P.S. I might flesh out an actual DK version of this hat for sake of accuracy. I just don't have any DK weight yarn on hand and no plans to get any. If someone else would like to do this, you can use the same chart and I will then share your pattern - giving you all the cred for the counting shit and stuff.

Monday, July 20, 2015

The [Almost] Conclusion of Sweater Saturn

I wrapped up the final pieces of my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay last least the pieces that will be on my body. The Silence Glaive is still in a sort of limbo. It's been raining for days upon days and in order to do my repairs on the mighty beast I need to lug it outside on a not-rainy day with low humidity. The Weather Gods have not been on my side.

I'm going to!) epoxy resin UNDER the crochet in the weak spots that need to be reinforced. This is insane, I know. If it doesn't work I'm just going to coat the whole thing in a layer of epoxy and some silicone. I was trying to prevent it from becoming insanely heavy, but my tragic design flaws during Stage 1 may have ruined this dream. If I end up coating it, I'll be able to use it to for real bludgeon people at DragonCon, so watch out!

For any future crochet-covered props, I'm going to be sure to create frames that are extremely sturdy. I can't say this enough times - holy shit, yarn is heavy.

Deez Bewts!

Saturn's boots are heels and they technically stop just below her knees. As you may know, I repurposed some over-the-knee boots that I used for an old Miranda Lawson cosplay years ago. I created crochet sections based on the sections that made up the actual boots then I seamed them all together and made boot covers.

They aren't heels. I can't wear heels. I have a busted ankle, but I won't bore you with the sob story. Maybe I'll post some pictures of my epic scars one day though.

I made non-functional laces out of basic chain stitch. I sort of wish I'd done them in sc because they look really thin to me. But, eh.

Then I used some Jones Tones Stretchable Fabric Glue just above the sole of the boots to secure the covers and I crocheted small flaps at the top of the boots that fold over. I also applied some glue there on the inside.

This glue is amazing. I had to keep pressure on some of the tricky spots for a while, but it was totally worth it because I have yet to find a glue that held so perfectly to yarn without making it a hard, crappy mess. In order to get the tops of the boots glued in place properly I had to wear them all day, but this was a great opportunity to break in the boots since I only wore them for a couple hours previously, and completely failed to break them in. They brutalized my feet. It was real gross.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the boots. The boots and the pointy elbow armor bits are my two favorite parts, I think.

Tiara Magic!

Again, I took some artistic liberties here. The gem in Saturn's tiara is clear/white. That's really hard to do with yarn, man. I actually made a light gray gem, but it was just...boring. I decided to make a purple one. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I mean...I put a heart on the boob bow and I have fingerless gloves, so I think it's ok if my gem is purple.

This tiara was really fun to make and I actually wrote down what I did so I could share the pattern. If you haven't been paying attention, the bulk of this costume was freeform crochet. I winged it and sized it to fit me, so there is no pattern. Keep your eyes peeled for the tiara pattern this week as well as some ready-to-ship tiaras. I'm also thinking about doing a tiara giveaway because I'm so excited for DragonCon.

The tiara ties in the back with just some strands of yarn. I figured this would be really easy to hide in my hair and it makes the tiara super adjustable. Blah blah blah.

When the Silence Glaive is done and my purple contacts come in the mail, I'll put on the entire ensemble for some fun, around-the-house pictures. I'm also going to be dyeing my hair dark purple. I'm going all in, guys. I'm not doing my hair until the week before the con though because I don't want ugly fading.

Read some of my other Sweater Saturn posts here. After DC, I'll do a huge, detailed write-up for my website for all of you curious folk.

And, for good measure (and some lulz), this entire costume was made using CARON SIMPLY SOFT. If Caron would like to give me free yarn for my next huge crochet cosplay then I would happily plug Caron in every single post about the project. *winkwink* Yes, I have something in mind. It is 800x more ridiculous than this, but I'm keeping it on the hush for now.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Free Colorwork Charts for the Basic Crocheted Dice Bag

You all know that I love colorwork. And recently, I did a round-up of free dice bag patterns because I needed to make some for myself. The Basic Crocheted Dice Bag from Jedi Meg Knits On is ripe with tapestry crochet potential. The bag I made was in Gryffindor colors and just stripes, but I whipped up a few easy colorwork charts that will also work with the wonderfully simple pattern.

All of these are abstract two-color wrap-around patterns. Just begin your chosen chart in the first round, starting at the bottom and working up. Each pattern will be 25 rounds instead of the 24 rounds specified in the original pattern. Begin round 25 of the original pattern as round 26.

The chart below is a bit more intricate.

This next chart should be continuous (and seamless!) all the way around the bag as long as you work in continuous rounds.

I'd love to see pictures of any bags made using these charts! Be sure to give my facebook page a like and check out my Etsy shop too, while you're around on the Interwebs. XOXOX

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cool Crafters From The Internet

People make some cool things and once in a while I come across especially cool things and some totally cool people on the Great Interwebs.

It's been a while since I rounded up a list of rad crafters and this week seems like a good week to do it. Since I've finished up my mood blanket there will be no more Mood Blanket Mondays and I need to fill that void with something. This will have to do for this week.

If you think I make cool stuff then you should definitely check out these people because I'm pretty sure they're all cooler than me. Give them a follow on your preferred social media and scope out their Etsy shops the next time you need to buy someone (or yourself) a gift!

Handmade Unique Goodies > Mass Produced Lame-o Stuff

Lithe-Fider Creatures

Nyssa Benthin makes some of the most adorable and unique plush critters. My favorite are probably the plump owls. She posts some cool WIP pictures as well as tutorials on tumblr if that's up your alley. I always enjoy watching any creation as it progresses and everything about these critters is awesome.


Snow Bunny Studios

The human behind Snow Bunny Studios is pretty rad. She makes a lot of cosplay accessories and BUTTONS. This is shifting gears a bit away from fiberart, but I have an inexplicable obsession with buttons and pins, as you probably know if you keep up with this blog. She also has some delicious looking tiny food sculptures in her shop right now.



Adorable. Felted. Sculptures. Smallness amplifies cuteness level and these sculptures are no exception. Caroline Brown is a UK crafter, but she ships worldwide for a reasonable price and updates Facebook pretty regularly if you'd like to admire her art.



My dislike of sewing has given me a great appreciation for hand embroidery. There are a lot of really talented embroider-er-er-errrssss that I've been running into, but Ms. Darling gets the feature in this installment. She does some stunning geometric work with great use of color and her freeform embroidery blows my mindbox.

Of Beasts and Beauty

The work of Michael Tatom is shifting gears a bit. He makes stunning jewelry and metal sculptures inspired by nature. I found his Etsy store purely by accident when looking for...I can't even remember. I became completely distracted by everything because A) it's shiny and B) animals. Master Jeweler FTW!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Fruits Of My Labor - Dice Bags

Last week I Free Pattern Friday-ed your faces with a collection of free dice bag patterns I found on the Interwebs. I used some of those patterns to make a bunch of dice bags and here they are!

Dragon Egg Dice Bags

This pattern can be found here. I used my trusty F hook and Caron Simply Soft 'Stormy Weather' for the first bag and then 'Grape Purple' for the second one. The second bag is a smaller version - I began the crocodile stitchin' after 3 rounds for the bottom.

Also, based on how much I use my F hook, you'd think I don't have any other hook sizes. I swear I do though. You're going to have to trust me on this though. One day I'll share a picture of my beautiful hook collection.

Basic Dice Bag and Mini Dice Bags

These three bags were made to be sort of a set. They're for Dice Masters. If you've played Dice Masters you understand the need to have a huge bag to hold your collection and then you also need small bags to play. The starter set comes with ridiculous paper bags, which is obscene.

Get the basic dice bag pattern here and the mini dice bag pattern here.

Again, F hook. I also only made a single draw string for each of the mini bags. For all of my draw strings I started with a foundation chain then joined it to form a loop. Depending on the bag I either did a round of sl or a round of sc...or just used the chain. This also creates a little loop to hold your bag on your wrist or carry it or whatever. I also hate tying things because I'm the laziest person in the world.

I'm trying real hard to be more active on Ravelry too. If you would like to friend me or whatever, feel free to do so.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tiger Stripe Hats + Pattern!

Who doesn't enjoy a nice tiger print?

You can find a fun assortment of tiger striped knit hats in the shop right now. Custom colors are also possible. I suppose they aren't technically tiger "print." I suppose they would be tiger knit, since they aren't printed. Right? Right.

Would you rather make your own hat? You can do that too. Get the pattern here. It's pretty simple and the tiger stripe chart will match up on the top and bottom, not just the sides. You can easily use the chart to make a scarf to go with your tiger hat.

Ready-to-ship hats are $20 and the pattern is $3!

Inquire about a custom order if you're interested in different colors.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: It Is Finished

Or I'm finished at least. With a whopping 198 squares of pure agony. That's 11 rows of 18 squares each. I was supposed to make it to the end of the year for a total of 360 squares (plus some rest days in there). But I don't need a damn queen-sized blanket and I've developed a boiling hatred for solid grannies.

I vow on this day to never make another blanket with solid granny squares. Never. Never again, my friends. In fact, I don't think I'll ever make another solid granny square again. The tedium is crippling. If I had been actually making squares based on my mood they all would have been either blood red or black the last few months to represent the immense rage I felt whenever I had to make them.

Shout out to Siouxsie Stitches, who initiated this terrible event here. Thanks, I've got a new blanket now. It is 100 degrees outside and I have a new blanket. A hideous new blanket. The cats like it.

Want a tutorial for solid grannies? This.

I chose to join each of my squares with black and your basic sc join. Instructions here. It creates a neat framed look and some texture as well. After finishing a row I did a round of black sc around it before joining to the blanket. When the beast was finished I then did a round of sc around the entire monstrosity. I was going to do two rounds, but it took forever to circumnavigate it once, so I called it quits because, my God, I just wanted this all to be over.

 And is.

Friday, July 3, 2015

A Bunch Of FREE Dice Bag Patterns I Found On The Internet

I've been in the market for some dice bags and subsequently, dice bag patterns. I never buy anything I can make and who doesn't love free patterns? I perused the Interwebs, looking for a plain, generic crochet pattern so I could whip up some quick bags. I found many. Like, a lot. There's no shortage of dice bag patterns out there in the tubes. They're in all shapes and sizes, so I rounded up my five favorites to share.

Your Basic Crochet Dice Bags

As if made to satisfy my exact query, I found the Basic Crochet Dice Bag by Jedi Meg Knits On (left). This was exactly what I was looking for. Exactly. It would also be super easy to work a tapestry crochet chart into it. Maybe I'll make a couple charts next week - also to share with the mighty Interwebs - if I'm feeling friendly.

And for a smaller dice bag there's the Crochet Mini Dice Bag from Geek's Dream Girl (right). I have a lot of dice though.

Your Less Basic Dice Bags

Then I stumbled upon the Dragon Egg Dice Bag by Cindy De Vries on Ravelry. Oh, the glorious crocodile stitch. I'm going to make one of these for sure even though it isn't a plain bag because I do love dragon eggs. And dragons. And omelettes.

If you want an ancient deity to protect your dice there's the Cthulhu Dice Bag from Gaming Mommies as well. This would look equal parts hilarious and menacing in a jovial color such as purple, imo. This pattern has vanished from the internet. I guess Cthulhu descended back into the nether and no longer wants to hold your dice.

And A Knit Dice Bag For Good Measure

I wanted crochet patterns because I crochet marginally faster than I knit, but then I saw this wonderful creation - Fibonacci's Dice Bag by Alien Booknose. This is amazing. Stunning! Beautiful! Plus I'm a sucker for Fibonacci and his sequence.

All of these pictures here belong to their respective owners, of course. I'll share pictures of the bags I make when I get around to actually making them.