Monday, June 29, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: The Misery Continues

Of course I didn't make an entire row. The fact that I said I was going to rendered me incapable of doing so. I made 9 squares, which is half of a row, so I only half lied. There's a lot of brown again. That's some Vanna's Choice. I don't care for it. It's really...squishy? I don't hate it like I do Paton's Metallic, it's just not my first choice for acrylic. I made a custom Twin Peaks hat last week and had some leftover - not enough to make anything else of substance - so I just made some squares.

I'm pretty sure that after I attach this final row, I'll be finished. There's going to be a black border around the whole blanket and that will add a bit more width if necessary.

I did some yarn reclamation yesterday, scrapping a few unfinished projects here and there that I realized I was never going to finish. This gave me some new colors to use as squares in this endless blanket of pain.

You know, I made a scrapghan last year all on my own. No "challenge" involved. And it was a boring, old work from the center outward in rounds giant granny. It seems like I would have viewed that as immensely more boring than this blanket, but it was painless. I don't know what it is about a bunch of little squares that elicits such anger from me. Maybe it's the joining and weaving in all the ends? That shit is a drag. I'm joining and weaving as I go though so it doesn't seem so bad. Perhaps it's causing some unconscious hatred to brew as I go.

Anyway, here's a picture of a cat on the blanket for good measure. Who doesn't love cats on crochet?

Friday, June 26, 2015

Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Gloves and Boots

I was moving full-steam ahead on this mighty adventure. 'Was' is the operative word. I had some grand goals to finish completely by the end of this weekend. But alas!

I thought I had another skein of Caron Simply Soft 'Passion.' I was trucking along on the boots when I ran out and discovered that I had no more. 'Passion' is the main purple I'm using. I don't even need that much more to finish. I left the house to get another skein and both Walmart and Michael's failed me. They always have this color, but not when I need it. I'm not going to order a single skein of yarn, so...I guess I'll be finishing the yarnwork for the Silence Glaive.

Sweater Saturn Bag Lady Mitts

Not having made a great deal of gloves in my crocheting time, I poked around the Internet until I found a pattern I could modify in order to work for this costume. I went with Stitch11's Simple, Easy and Quick Arm Warmers.

I dropped my hook size down to an H and I replaced all of the DCs in the pattern with HDC because of my diminutive size. HDC will also keep the mitts more breathable. I also didn't work in continuous rounds because I needed to do the colorwork. I made the piping at the elbow with my trusty size F in SC and then stuffed it with polyfil. I'm immensely pleased with the piping, especially the pointy bit, which I've seen overlooked in some other cosplays. I need to go back in and do some stitching with a yarn needle to add some detailing on the wrist and hands.

I decided early on that I wanted to go fingerless. Tactile function is very important to me and year after year I seem to go to Dragon*Con and dress as characters that wear gloves. Not this year, friends!


Saturn's boots have heels. My boots do not. This was not a design choice like the fingerless mitts. I have a busted ankle and can't wear heels. Her boots also stop just below the knee and mine stop just over the knee. These boots are being recycled - they're my Miranda Lawson boots from years ago.

The boots are made of these different sections and I decided to crochet shapes the same as the sections then seam them together, making what is basically a cover. I was asked on Facebook if the cover is also going to go over the sole. Excellent question! No, I'm going to be putting a line of fabric glue along the bottom edge of the boot, just above the sole. The covers I'm making are also tight. The glue will just be there to keep everything in place.

Tragically, boots are now on hold because there is no 'Passion.' I'm really excited about doing the laces, which will be non-function, but they're going to look super cool. I think...

Choker and Glaive

I finished the choker. It took like 2 minutes. I forgot to put it on in the pictures above though. I've also worked a good bit on the Silence Glaive, but it isn't quite done. I need to touch up the details below the blade and cover the bottom. I took some artistic liberties with the embellishments at the top. There's a lot going on there.

There was a fatal flaw in the construction of the frame under the yarn that I haven't been able to remedy yet. I didn't take into account that yarn is extremely heavy and I failed to properly reinforce the blade. This has resulted in the blade flopping over, all flaccid, unless the glaive is propped against something. I have an idea that's either completely genius or completely idiotic. Only time will tell and until then I'm going to keep it a secret.

I'm going to finish up everything I can do without my 'Passion' yarn and then I'm going to make some more headway with my Nisha cosplay until the yarn materializes or I can justify ordering it. I also need to get to work stocking up the shop for fall soon!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: I Just Want This To Be Over

I only made three squares. It was all I needed to make in order to finish the current row. This doesn't matter because I'm still many squares ahead. After I finish one more row I believe this blanket will be of ample size and I can end this madness. I'm going to do a round or two of sc in black to tie this mighty crapghan together.

The cats really like it. Cats really like crochet. I have one of those Sunny Seat cat window bed suction cup things and after the immense amount of hatred I have for granny squares subsides, I think I'll make a granny square cover for it.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Phoenix Wright Cosplay Hat - Prototype Hat Available NOW

Who buys knitwear out of season? Cosplayers do. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I whipped up a prototype of Phoenix Wright's 'Papa' beanie from Ace Attorney and I've got plans for a few other con-season hats as well. I'm working on so many things, guys.

I must confess that I'm not terribly familiar with the Ace Attorney series. Despite my love of television law dramas, I'm not sure "visual novel legal thriller" is a genre that I would enjoy in the video game realm. I like my video games to be filled with sex and violence. Boobs and explosions. Persistent gore always toggled on. You know. To each their own though. I also enjoy various talent competition shows and those are the worst. One time I created an automated program for Skype in order to cast hundreds and hundreds of American Idol votes. So there's that.


I'm pleased with the prototype hat. I chose to double-knit it and it takes a bit longer to make than other hats, even other double-knit ones. I have to actually pay attention to what I'm doing to get the divisions correct. You can buy the prototype for super sale right here.

For subsequent "finalized" versions of this hat the stitching will be more consistent and the text will be shifted over just slightly so that it starts more in the center of the division. So on and so forth. The prototype isn't bad, but I messed up a lot and kept having to back up and some of my stitches got loose. If you'd like a finalized version just send a custom order request.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BL:TPS Nisha Cosplay Updates

Feast thine eyeballs on this time-lapse video. I rounded up an old-as-dirt tank top, shoved some cardboard inside and then painted Nisha's shirt. Boom! In real-time this took me about 2.5 hours - give or take. I used Jones Tones Stretchable Fabric Paint in magenta, black and white. I drank several cups of coffee.

Yes, I free-handed this whole thing. I started by making a few important marks with sharpie in order to position everything and then I went for it. I'm such a remarkable waste of talent.

A big thanks to Gearbox for releasing extremely handy cosplay reference guides. If only I had these for my Zer0 cosplay. I wouldn't have had to take pictures with my cell phone from my television of my actual Zer0 character. lololol

I'm unsure what else to say about this. Here are some more progress pictures:

 I might need to go back and put some more shading around the shoulders/armpits depending on how exactly the jacket ends up falling on the shirt and what happens when I move around in full ensemble.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 166

I intended to make only the required seven squares this past week, but my ability to count fooled me again and I made eight. This means I have a total of 177 squares or something. I could count them, but counting isn't in my skillset, apparently.

Also, it appears that the creator of this challenge, Siouxsie Stitches, has given up. Or at least hasn't been updating her blog with her mood blanket progress. Does this mean I win? Is this challenge a last one standing sort of thing? trolololol

I'm also fairly certain that my personal Hell will be making plain granny squares for all eternity and joining them to a blanket that never gets any larger.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's WIP Wednesday! Some Quick DragonCon Cosplay Updates

Crochet Sailor Saturn

I'm trucking along at an incredibly slow pace. I got the sleeves done and I did the detailing on the bodice (the latter is not pictured, but I plan to do a bigger update on this soon). The first sleeve I made, I hated. I took it apart and didn't even take a picture. It was too floppy, which simply wouldn't do. The sleeves look better with the bodice on me than they do laying on the ground. I'll put it on myself and take some pictures soon-ish. I want to get the gloves done so that I don't bombard you with too many images of my stupid face.

I picked out a pattern that I'll be modifying in order to make my gloves. Right hurr. It's free. I'll have to do some tweaking in order to do the colorwork and then do the purple piping. If anyone wants to hassle me for choosing to do fingerless gloves then go ahead - you will not be able to stop me!


Yesterday I painted the hat. Maybe this was once a suede hat? Or leather? I don't know much about things made from dead animals. I know it was once upon a time a rad vintage hat from the 70s that some creature died for, but the lining had been ripped out and the label is too worn to read. It was soft, so does that make it suede?

Whatever. Now it's Nisha's hat.

My New Year's resolution was to paint more. Does painting a hat count?

Nisha's boots are going to be a little more daunting than I expected after closer inspection. It also turned out that I didn't have any fabric suitable for making her belt, so I order a cheap-shit canvas belt. I'm unsure how I'm going to do the buckle now as well. She also has a lot of little buckles on her thighs, which I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint on. I'm not sure about the ones are her wrist. There's a lot of "not sure" happening with this now. I'm still going to make it happen, don't worry.

I'm also working on making boatloads of hats for the mighty hat season of the northern hemisphere and, of course, some hats for a hat give away in Septerber-ish. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 159 And My Mood Is Hate

I guess hate isn't a mood, is it? I only made the required seven squares this week and I made them all yesterday because following rules is hard. I couldn't bring myself to go on after seven because there were 1 million things I would have rather been doing than making granny squares. I intended to make an entire row, you see, further propelling myself many squares ahead and closer to completion. Completing a row and attaching it is the only way I derive any joy from this joy-sucking project.

Remind me not to engage in any sort of mundane crochet blanket challenge ever again. Just let me make a yearly scrapghan in peace!

Yes, I could just stop following the rules entirely. I could cease to do these drab Mood Blanket Monday posts, but I will not! I will not do it because I need to update this blog at least once a week and this God forsaken blanket of horrors challenge ensures that I do it!

How in the world do other crocheters just sit around and make granny squares all day? I wanted to stick my hook into my eyes, ears, nose and other facial orifices to end my suffering. No offense to you people out there that enjoy this tedious as hell blanket-making. I's more like Hell-blanket making. It is simply not my cup of tea. I prefer chai or a nice chamomile and anything but granny squares.

Tea preferences aside, here are my squares and a cat. When I finished making them and joining them I couldn't be bothered to move the cat out of the frame. I also couldn't be bothered to rotate the photo. I hope the cat pictures help to moderate all of the negative energy that is likely radiating from this post. My resent for granny squares is quite high.

Also, here's a picture of the blanket from last week that I forgot to post. Ta da! All bunched up on the couch like that it almost looks like a completed blanket, but my God it still isn't wide enough to be of use to a human. When it is wide enough I will declare myself done with this challenge.

I keep trying to remind myself of the definition of "challenge." I'm pretty sure the challenge part of this was meant to be making a square a day and finishing the blanket. I have no problem finishing projects and I tend to like to work on things for prolonged amounts of time,  not a tiny bit a day. I would enjoy this blanket a lot more if I weren't being governed by arbitrary rules and this foreign concept of moods. The challenge for me is totally fighting the crippling boredom that comes with making granny squares.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 152 With Cat Approval

After last week's confusion I made an entire row of squares this week. I actually made most of them yesterday. I hate following rules. I will not be told what to do. Only one square a day is ridiculous.

I couldn't stop thinking about where and how my counting went wrong. Despite my expressing that I didn't have time to figure it out, I of course stopped everything and figured it out.

The confusion began with my inability to follow instructions. I make more than one square a day on some days and on other days I will make no squares. Yes, I am cheating. I am a huge cheater. I had worked a fair number of squares ahead and believed I had made enough for last week while still being ahead from the weeks before where I finished rows when I didn't need to. I thought that at the end of last week I'd be finishing a row when in actuality I was finishing a row and making a few squares more. So maybe I actually am bad at math? Or logic. I stopped making squares when I finished the row, which resulted in my being a few squares short last week and then I began gaslighting myself.

Ok. Boring.

Now I have 162 squares. Suck it.

And this damn thing is starting to look like a blanket. It still isn't wide enough for me to stop working on it yet and quit this ridiculous challenge, but it is big enough that I folded it and put it on the back of the couch for CAT TESTING.

So here are some pictures of cats on my mood blanket.

For next week I'll drag it out to the porch again so you can actually see the row I made. I'm going to make another row. This thing is starting to feel like work and when things start to feel like work that are supposed to be fun then I stop doing them. But I don't like to leave things unfinished, so there's that.