Monday, April 27, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: 118 Squares (On Day 117)

Technically, I should have 117 squares today (I did some math). Hooray for the Mood Blanket Challenge. I'm a square ahead as of right now, but I'm going to end up another square ahead this coming week. I'm going to be a single square away from finishing a row, so I'll go ahead and make an extra square to get it done. Again. If this were a race, I'd totally be winning. How very riveting!

I'm also nearly out of scrap yarn. That's equally riveting. If you're riveted by yarn and granny square blankets, that is.

I'm thinking about doing a bunch of the same color in a row just to make this blanket even more ridiculously colored. I want people to see this things and be like, "Urrrgh?!" then scrunch their face up real tight and squint their eyes in confusion. It's important to have goals in life. I don't have many goals, but this is one of them.

I know that I keep promising interesting blog posts. I'm a compulsive internet liar. Game of Thrones charts tomorrow though, I promise. House Dayne and House Greyjoy! Cross my heart. Hope to die.

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