Monday, March 30, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 89 + 1

I made an extra square this week to finish up the fifth row. This puts me a square ahead of any other nubs participating in this challenge. I'm planning on doing the normal seven squares this week so I'll be remaining a square ahead. I also decided that I really don't need a queen-sized crapghan. Like, that's too big. I'm sort of a quitter too and this is starting to bore me. Whatevs. I'm putting a hearty dent in my scrap yarn, which was my main goal. Plus I'll have a new blanket for next winter.

Here are some pictures. I seem to have only felt the need to take pictures of the same end. Sorry about that. The other end is just as ridiculous, I promise. I meant to spread this out on the kitchen table, but my roommate has left some sort of paper mache raptor head in the middle of it and I didn't want to tamper with her crafts.

One day the weather will be nice and I'll take this out to the back porch for a proper photoshoot. That way you can appreciate the hideous color combinations in the best lighting and marvel at the full glory of the world's ugliest granny square blanket.

p.s. Sorry for typos in this post. I have an injury on a finger that is causing me to have a hard time typing due to pain and also the obtrusive bandaid which is stopping me from bleeding on everything. Oh, and happy crafting, betches.

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