Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Silence Glaive

This is a small update so don't get too excited! I'm planning on another update later this week that is much more meatier 'n stuff. I took a break of sorts last week to finish up those Furry Beast hats. I've gotten started on the collar and I completed the first side of the top of the Silence Glaive. The collar isn't interesting yet, but the top of the glaive is pleasing.

I shot some time-lapse footage as I worked on the glaive, which was highly experimental. I'm only like a lvl 1 videographer or whatever. I'm pretty pleased with the video with the exception of the idiotic angle I was filming from (and why am I wearing those ridiculous pants?). There was some logic behind it, I swear. Next time I'm going to raise it higher and come from over my right shoulder so you can actually see what I'm doing better. The first minute of the video was shot with a frame every 10 seconds and the remaining time of the video I shortened it to a frame every 7 seconds. Playback is at 10 FPS. Real-time it ran me about 5 hours.

If anyone's wondering about other technical details:

  • I used a size F crochet hook with Caron Simply Soft in white, gray heather and charcoal heather.
  • I shot the video using an iPad Mini iOS 8.2 and the OSnap! app (which is a decent and FREE app) then I did some quick, minor edits in iMovie
  • The music is Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" which is in the public domain because omgcopyright infringement Innernutspolice get off my nuts!1!11
  • That blue thing on my finger is a bandaid, not some sort of crochet aid device. I have a gross, bleeding wound.
I may or may not film the other side of the top of the glaive. I definitely plan on filming at least one of the sleeves. Maybe the crochet underpants? Boots and tiara are still in the air.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 89 + 1

I made an extra square this week to finish up the fifth row. This puts me a square ahead of any other nubs participating in this challenge. I'm planning on doing the normal seven squares this week so I'll be remaining a square ahead. I also decided that I really don't need a queen-sized crapghan. Like, that's too big. I'm sort of a quitter too and this is starting to bore me. Whatevs. I'm putting a hearty dent in my scrap yarn, which was my main goal. Plus I'll have a new blanket for next winter.

Here are some pictures. I seem to have only felt the need to take pictures of the same end. Sorry about that. The other end is just as ridiculous, I promise. I meant to spread this out on the kitchen table, but my roommate has left some sort of paper mache raptor head in the middle of it and I didn't want to tamper with her crafts.

One day the weather will be nice and I'll take this out to the back porch for a proper photoshoot. That way you can appreciate the hideous color combinations in the best lighting and marvel at the full glory of the world's ugliest granny square blanket.

p.s. Sorry for typos in this post. I have an injury on a finger that is causing me to have a hard time typing due to pain and also the obtrusive bandaid which is stopping me from bleeding on everything. Oh, and happy crafting, betches.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Furry Beast Novelty Crochet Hats!

A while back I made a custom hat for The Evil TeddyBear Podcast based on his mascot/logo. It turned out pretty cool, so I decided to use up my remaining Fun Fur and Festive Fur by making a few more animal hats.  I made a panda and then I made a few more of the furry hats (only the basic hat part) and then put them aside for later and neglected them for some weeks...maybe months!

I needed a little break from working on my Sailor Saturn costume, so I decided to take the plunge and get these hats done. I ended up making a deer, an owl and a cat. All four of these hats are currently available for purchase and for a few more days they're on sale for $5 off! They'll be back up to their normal price at the start of April.

I need to make a few tweaks to the owl eyes and then I'll also make the pattern(s) available for purchase. It'll be pretty cool and the file will contain all of the different eyes and other features so that other crocheters can customize their own hat.

So get over to the Etsy shop and check these hats out. Also keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for different owl hats. They won't be furry and they'll be much more detailed. I think owl faces are rad, but I really hate Fun Fur. Honestly. It's awful. A friend of mine was interested in a wookie and/or ewok hat made with Fun Fur, which I plan to attempt after I take a break from it for a long while.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day...82!

Day 82 has brought this blanket well into its fifth row. This time next week I'll be one square away from finishing the fifth row, so I'll probably just make an extra square and get it done. Then I'll probably still make seven squares and I'll be a square ahead. Mood Blanket Race, anyone?!

I used what I felt like were a lot of subdued colors this past week. There's no particular reason for it. Again, I don't understand "moods." I may or may not be a robot.

Also, yesterday was my birthday, but that doesn't really have anything to do with anything, does it?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP - Sailor Saturn Week 3

This past week I finished up the boob bow, covered the shaft of the Silence Glaive, tweaked the butt bow and did a great deal of intense, deep thinking about the bodice. When I say this, it sounds like I did a lot, but I unfortunately have surprisingly little to say about any of these parts. I'm especially lacking in clever commentary for this week's progress.

In the upcoming days though I'm planning on shooting some time-lapse video of the top of the glaive. This will either be super cool or really boring. After that I might take a little break to work on my Nisha costume, which is not crochet.

Boob Bow

This bow is a little smaller than the butt bow. I stuffed the heart with a bit of polyfil. I made the butt bow in a bunch of separate pieces, but I chose to do the bulk of this bow as a single, long piece. Then I made the two dangly pieces and the heart. I posted a number of progress pics of this bow last week. Here's some more:

Butt Bow Tweakin'

After I stuffed the heart of the boob bow I went back and put some polyfil into the fake knot of the butt bow to give it a little more dimension. I think it was an improvement. Eventually I'll get around to attaching this bow to the skirt.

Silence Glaive

I crocheted one 40" long rectangle for the shaft of the glaive. I then used an invisible seam to stitch it to the framework I made. This was super tedious. I watched all of Revolutionary Girl Utena, several episodes of The Shield and also listened to a few hours of music as I did this mindless work. It's way more fun to do parts with less predictable color changes and parts that are odd shapes.

I'll definitely be doing at least one side of the top and I may also start on the bottom. I'm pretty excited to shape the different sections of the bottom. The duct tape form I made is pretty lumpy and I'll be smoothing out the parts with polyfil. Polyfil is my BFF.

See some of my other posts on this project here.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 75

I'm running out of clever things to say about this. I'm still doing it. I haven't stopped. I confess that I don't make one square a day though. I actually usually sit down once a week and make all seven. Sometimes more. I am keeping them in the order I'm making them at least. Finished the fourth row this past week. Got started on the fifth. The end.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Revolutionary Girl Utena Rose Seal FREE Colorwork Chart

I confess that I haven't made anything using this chart, so it might need some tweaking and you may need to experiment with your stitches, gauge, etc. But it will work for knitting or crochet! I guess it would work for cross stitch too.

This chart is free for you to do whatever you want with, but I always appreciate links back to this page, my Facebook, website or Etsy store! XOXOX

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP - Week 2-ish

I didn't make any huge strides in progress this week. I did finish up the skirt and got the main part of the boob bow out of the way.

The Boob Bow

The boob bow is a little smaller than the butt bow and it's going to have a purple heart as the middle. Here are some pictures I took of the boob bow as I worked on it, so you can see better what I did to make it (nevermind that some of these pictures look like some sort of ad for Chapstick!). I'm not using a pattern aside from jotting down the number of stitches and number of rows I used, etc. My scribbled notes are just to get things symmetrical. The colorwork has all been pretty much freeform and sizing has been trial and error.

I work from messy sketches. Here are some sketches of the coloration on the boob bow and also the Silence Glaive.

The Great Silence Glaive Do-Over

Speaking of the Silence Glaive and trial and error...I made a grievous error when working on the panel for the shaft of the glaive. By grievous error I mean that I apparently didn't bother to actually check to make sure the panel would fit around the shaft. My stubborn determination to eyeball everything usually works out fine, but not in this time, pals! Shortly after I took this first picture I decided to wrap the panel around the glaive - lo and behold, it didn't fit. I ripped the whole thing apart and started over, measuring it the second time. I've only gotten a few inches since the Great Do-Over, but that's ok. I also decided that the shaft needed a more significant portion of the darkest gray because the shaft and bottom tend to look darker than the top, which will be mostly white and the light gray.


I'm a little intimidated by the bodice because I'm pretty sure I can't just eyeball myself and make it the correct size. I'm going to have to get out my measuring tape, I guess. I'm going to be using a straight-forward crochet vest and I'll be doing the same sort of colorwork that I've done on everything else. I'll also be modifying the front to be a V-shape and including the big piping or whatever it is around the hem of everyone's sailor suits. I'll then be attaching the protruding wing-looking sleeves that Saturn has.


After some serious thought, I've decided to take some liberties with the gloves. Nothing insane, but I'll just be making them fingerless mitts instead of gloves. They should be pretty basic and I might get them out of the way before I start the bodice. I really hate not having use of my hands and every cosplay I've ever done has involved gloves, except the Sarah Palin I did back in the day.

Check out my other progress posts for this project here.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 68 or Something

I almost forgot to make my arbitrary post about this magnificent yearlong crapghan. Look at this week's sexy yarn squares, aren't they sexy? Of course. I'm four squares away from finishing the fourth row, so next week's arbitrary update will be extra exciting. Finishing rows is always exciting.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hylian Royal Crest FREE Colorwork Chart

I've only crocheted with this chart, but it should work for knitting. Make a scarf or something. Whateva!

Happy yarncrafting, pals! Use this for whatever you want, but shoot me some cred since I charted it, ya know? Link back here to share the chart with more kind souls or link to my Facebook, Etsy or website. Link. Get it? Link...from Zelda? Amirite? A free pun to go with this chart! Errr...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP...Sailor Saturn Pleated Skirt + More!

I've wanted to do some sort of Sailor Moon cosplay since before I knew what cosplay was. I thought about being Sailor Mercury for Halloween some years ago, but then I didn't. I kept getting sidetracked by other ideas, running out of time and all that good stuff that makes for nice excuses to put shit off until the next year and the next.

I've also wanted to make some sort of ridiculous costume completely out of yarn for many, many years as well. Crochet cosplay would be the epitome of my yarncrafting - my yarncraft magnum opus. I dabbled for a while with the idea of crochet armor and making an old school WoW armor set. I wanted to make big, absurd, stuffed crochet shoulder pieces mostly. I was leaning toward the Lawbringer set, which is hilarious and stupid-looking and yellow AKA my least favorite color in the world.

I do still want to, one day, crochet Lawbringer armor, but the project is just too large for my first crochet costume. I reeled myself back in, scaled down the scope and started considering Theresa from Fable. I quickly scrapped that idea because holy shit I would be walking around in a blanket. I don't want to walk around in a blanket, especially for Dragon*Con. Because Atlanta. Heat stroke. Death.

In a rare moment of brilliance it occurred to me that a Sailor suit would be an excellent crochet cosplay. It wouldn't be a whole lot of pieces, not too complex, not a lot of yarn, etc. It would also allow me to cosplay a character closer to my actual body type because, let's face it, I'm built like a child - I've finally accepted this and I may as well embrace it. I'm never going to have giant boobers or be 6' tall. My diminutive stature immediately eliminated my actual favorite Sailor Scout, Pluto, from the crochet cosplay running. Coming in at a close second in my Sailor Scout rankings is Saturn. I immediately realized she would be perfect AND I'd get to make the Silence Glaive too. I love carrying around props and the bigger, the better.

But enough of my pointless musings, here's some pictures of what I've done so far. As work progresses I'll do more detailed posts about each component.

The Silence Glaive

The Silence Glaive is made of two wrapping paper rolls, some scrap cardboard and a generous helping of duct tape. If you know me, you know I like to use trash to make props and this is no exception. The glaive is about 6.5' tall, which is a foot and some change taller than I am.

I didn't spend a great deal of time smoothing the duct tape and I mostly used it to create stability and flesh out the larger details.

I'll basically be yarn bombing it and I've already started work on the crochet cover for the shaft. I've only got a few inches and it's not worth sharing a picture yet.

The smaller details are going to be created with contrasting yarn.

The Pleated Skirt

The skirt is hanging out at about 98% completion. I ran out of the lighter purple yarn. I keep fluctuating between being happy with the purples I chose and having mixed feelings about them. These two purples went together well and I couldn't find a more purple-colored purple yarn with a matching darker shade.

I'm working with Caron Simply Soft. It's cheap and soft and not really dense. The skirt is still pretty heavy. It's basically a sweater. It's made completely of single crochet with a size F hook and I made the individual pleat "panels" then joined them using sc in the front and sl for the concave folds. I need to bring up the waist a fair bit higher.

The butt bow is done and I'm not having any mixed feelings about my chosen reds. I haven't attached it to the skirt yet because, again, the skirt isn't done. I also want to figure out what I'm going to do with the bodice where it meets the skirt.

Preliminary wearing of the skirt has been successful. It's fairly comfortable and flexible, but it's heavy - since it's basically a sweater. I'm pleased with the volume and fit.

I recently did a whole write-up on my Dragon*Con costume from last year, which was Zer0 from Borderlands 2 for anyone curious about that feat. It's a lot of words, but also a lot of progress pictures. Check it out here.

I'm going to shoot for weekly updates on the progress of this project so my blog doesn't seem so neglected.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Crochet Clearance!

The shop is overcrowded. I want to get rid of items I'm not planning on keeping stocked anymore in order to feel justified when I make some new stuff.

New stuff? Yes. New Stuff. New stuff is coming. One day.

Before that though, I want to get rid of some goodies. The crochet goodies are for sale right now until the end of this month. Everything crochet is $5 off!

Go now! To the Etsy store! Everything for sale is marked SALE and I've done the math for you.

This sale includes what's left of my Lantern Corps beanies as well as the Dalek beanies, plus some other items that have been hanging out in the shop for a while now too. I'll also make custom crochet orders for $5 cheaper this month, so there's that.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 61?

This past week consisted of a lot of bland colors. Again. This encapsulates my default mood: apathy. The three-colored square on day whatever-that-was-math is symbolic of my different layers of apathy. Perhaps this week I'll be compelled to make some more brightly colored squares or, at the very least, work on something that isn't a bland color. You never know. I'm full of surprises. The surprises are sandwiched between my layers of apathy.