Monday, February 23, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 54

Day 54?! Whoa...did I maths right? That's three whole rows. This last row was a lot of pastels and, uh, browns. This thing is getting more and more random and I can't wait to put it to use when it's done.

To recap, I'm making basic SEXY YARN squares in whatever color or colors I feel like using from either my scrap yarn bin or from whatever other project I'm working at the time. I'm joining them with a run of the mill sc join in black and then doing an sc border around each row then joining each row again with the sc join. I think this is creating some nice contrast. Or something. Bullshit. Bullshit.

Soon I promise to make a blog post about something other than this blanket.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 47

I sort of took this last week off from yarncrafting. I still worked on my super sexy yarn squares though, of course. Row 3 is coming along nicely and I did some repeating in this row. I not only used a color I used in the first row, but I had some temporary color blindness and I used it twice in the third row...a day apart. Whatever! Crapghans FTW!

I made a pretty cool square out of the little bit of Moondance ombre that I had. It might be my favorite square yet. Just look at it. Wow. Such ombre! So gradient!

Anywho. I did a little work on my pleated skirt for my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay. I hope to finish up the skirt this week. When it's done, you can expect a detailed post about the process and whatever else I see fit to babble about.

It's snowing, which always makes me want to die. I'll try to live through it and give my cool readers some interesting blog updates this week. Maybe.

Oh, and I was doing some video game binging. I was compelled to catch up on the Dragon Age series so I took a break from one repetitive hand activity to do another. I'm hoping to go barreling through Inquisition soon. At which time I'll disappear from the internet again.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 40

I've got two rows and then four very bright and exciting squares in row 3! Look! It simply isn't possible for me to take a good picture right now. I'm suffering from Winter Laziness, which is basically a form of light hibernation in which I simply can't do anything that involves getting up off of the couch or from my desk. I'm awake, but not very high functioning.
This blanket is quite wide, you see, and I'd have to do some rearranging/cleaning to get a good picture of it's full, magnificent width. I'll take it out onto the back porch for some natural light photo ops in the spring, assuming winter ends.

Recap: This year-long crochet challenge is brought to you by Siouxsie Stitches. I'm joining each of my squares with basic sc in black then doing a black sc border around each row before joining the rows with more sc. I have no strategy for my squares and I'm making multi-colored squares from my scrap yarn collection as well as incorporating squares in the colors of whatever I'm working on. I'm also mixing fibers and I do not give a single shit. Crapghans FTW! I haven't repeated a color yet, I don't think.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday...On Thursday!

I meant to do a WIP Wednesday post on, you know, Wednesday. But I was busy actually doing the things I was going to post about. So here goes, a day late!

Furry Beast Hats

Remember that panda hat I made a week or so ago? If not, whatever, here's a picture. I'm making some more critter hats out of all of this Fun Fur. Fun Fur sales, man. The brown hat is going to be a deer with cute little antlers and probably the same big, goofy eyes as the panda. The white hat was going to be a unicorn because I wanted to use some more of that awful Paton's Metallic silver yarn that I still have. I thought long and hard about it and didn't know how I'd do the unicorn's mane in a way that wouldn't look majorly tacky, so it's either going to turn into an owl or a cat.

The black hat is definitely going to be a cat. I'm going to make some cute cat eyes. When I'm done with all these I'm going to see how much Fun Fur I have left and if I can make another. I'd like to make a raccoon, but did I buy gray Fun Fur during the sale? Of course not. Anyway...I'm going to share the pattern and it'll be a sort of (maybe) cool customizable animal hat thing with different ears and eyes to choose from, so you other poor fools can use Fun Fur in a fun way.

Crochet Sailor Saturn Skirt

Crocheting each individual fold and then stitching the folds together is taking forever. I'm pretty sure the skirt is going to be the easiest part, but possibly the most time-consuming. The waist of the skirt is going to be separate and then joined to the pleats if I ever finish the pleats. I was having some second thoughts about my chosen purples, but those second thoughts have now passed.

After I finish the skirt I'm probably going to do my butt bow and then work on the Silence Glaive for a bit before diving into the top. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get into the top yet. I unfortunately can't scream MAKE UP and hold a magic pen in the air then have the suit appear on me in real life.

Borderlands: TPS Nisha Cosplay

I like painting and I really did enjoy the 800+ hours of painting that went into my Zer0 costume. I hate sewing though. I'm not going to lie to myself anymore. I don't even really enjoy machine sewing. Still...I couldn't resist the overwhelming urge to make a Nisha costume. I legit had 90% of what I needed in my closet. Jacket I've never worn but had for 7 years, old jeans, some uggs I'm going to repurpose, white tank top, and a hat. I just need a glove, some more fabric paint and a belt.

This should be a lot less sewing than Zer0. I won't be dealing with any fosshape armor bits or anything. Most all of the sewing will be putting the jacket back together, which I cut into pieces. I'm going to need to mod the belt loops of the jeans and attach cardboard pieces to my boots. Most of the details are going to be hand-painted and this will hopefully cover up my shitty sewing.

The damn jacket was so old that when I went to take the front pockets off with the seam ripper the fabric just fell to pieces. lololol...the paint is going to reinforce it too?!

The hat was shoved in the back of my closet and majorly misshapen, but it's leather and took like 5 minutes to fix. It's still a little wet, but all is well. I'm going to order some paint and probably start with the hat.

I'm going to use my grenade and shield from my Zer0 suit and hopefully get the oddly weighted grenade to stay on my belt. I'll probs make my class mod out of a mac 'n cheese box or something. Yay, cosplaying with trash!

I'm going to work on this rad Lawbringer business when I need a break from the mindless stitching involved in Sailor Saturn.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 33

The second row will be done this week! The end of January also saw some exciting sexy squares and I used a couple variegated yarns this week too.

 Let me explain what mood each square represents so that you can get a better understanding of my fluctuating emotional state.

Day 28: This square is three colors. Why did I save these tiny, useless scraps of yarn?

Day 29: Seriously? There's not even enough of one color to make a solid square.

Day 30: I think that blue is wool, not acrylic. I can't machine wash this blanket now and I'm bummed about that.

Day 31: Green.

Below is a picture of my two rows. They're in piles. When I attach them I'll try to take a picture of them all laid out, but this blanket is going to be really big. I don't have a place to take a good picture. The finished blanket will take up the entire living room floor. I'll be able to yarn bomb my house.