Friday, January 16, 2015

DragonCon 2015 Prep Begins...Now?

I'm not actually getting started quite yet, but I did settle on the yarn I'll be using, and I have a partially constructed Silence Glaive.

I had to get every Caron Simply Soft purple in order to find two that would optimally serve my purposes for Sailor Saturn. I'm going with Passion for the main purple and Plum for the shadows. Grape and Iris are majorly bright, so they got vetoed. For my bows I'm using Autumn Red and Burgundy. I have White, Gray Heather, and Charcoal Heather for the glaive. The White and Gray Heather will also be used for the white portions of the suit. The tiara is still in the air. I'm not sure if I can make it out of yarn, but I did get some Sunshine to start with. My earrings are going to be made by my pal at SouthpawEngraving.

Crochet Pleats?!

I was initially planning on crocheting the pleats. Like. Literally. Crocheting pleats is pretty rad and you can check out a tutorial here if you're interested. I may scrap this plan and crochet the pleats in what are basically panels then join them. This will allow me to better see my

I may or may not make the gloves fingerless. For my boots I'll essentially be crocheting boot covers for the boots I wore for my Miranda Lawson costume a few years ago.

When I do get started, it'll be with the skirt. I think.

My Silence Glaive is currently hanging out and covered with novelty mac 'n cheese duct tape. I need to finish covering it and then spray paint the tape silver. Listen, the mac 'n cheese tape is all I had on hand.

To the left you'll also see my to-do board. Urrrgh.

I promise to update again soon when I get around to doing something interesting.

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