Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 26

Next month when the day numbering starts over at 1 I'm going to have to do math to determine what day I'm on for this. Bummer. OR I could get a calendar and count the days each day...or number them accordingly. Or I could just finish the blanket this week. Is this a race? I guess I could just for real do one square a day instead of doing a bunch of squares one day and then no squares for days. Such great dilemmas I face in my life.

Ok. Ok. Let's be serious now. I have 26 super sexy yarn squares (because I don't want to call them granny squares anymore. as I mentioned in last week's mood blanket post). I have my first row of 18 and then (math) 8 of the next row.

I'm real excited to finish row 2, so I can connect it to row 1. My life has become quite bland if this is what gets me excited, I know. Bakers gonna bake! Crocheters gonna...cro...chate...cro-shit. Errr...I'm in a "mood" this morning. lol get it? Mood blanket? The sunshine yellow color I picked for today is not an accurate representation of this "mood." I'm not sure there is one in the visible spectrum.

Check out this post from Siouxsie Stitches to find out about what exactly this "Mood Blanket Challenge" is. I AIN'T GONNA 'SPLAIN IT AGAIN.

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