Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sun Symbol From Tangled FREE Colorwork Chart

I made this chart (and hat) as a custom request! Now I'm sharing the glorious chart. Fo' free! It was a very fun chart as far as charts go. Enjoy! Please link back here, to my Facebook, or to my Etsy shop to give me a kindly shout out if you use this. XOXOX

Oh. Heads up: This was difficult to make very stretchy with stranded knitting. I ended up just making a slightly larger, smushy sort of hat. And the chart should also be suitable for crochet too.

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 26

Next month when the day numbering starts over at 1 I'm going to have to do math to determine what day I'm on for this. Bummer. OR I could get a calendar and count the days each day...or number them accordingly. Or I could just finish the blanket this week. Is this a race? I guess I could just for real do one square a day instead of doing a bunch of squares one day and then no squares for days. Such great dilemmas I face in my life.

Ok. Ok. Let's be serious now. I have 26 super sexy yarn squares (because I don't want to call them granny squares anymore. as I mentioned in last week's mood blanket post). I have my first row of 18 and then (math) 8 of the next row.

I'm real excited to finish row 2, so I can connect it to row 1. My life has become quite bland if this is what gets me excited, I know. Bakers gonna bake! Crocheters gonna...cro...chate...cro-shit. Errr...I'm in a "mood" this morning. lol get it? Mood blanket? The sunshine yellow color I picked for today is not an accurate representation of this "mood." I'm not sure there is one in the visible spectrum.

Check out this post from Siouxsie Stitches to find out about what exactly this "Mood Blanket Challenge" is. I AIN'T GONNA 'SPLAIN IT AGAIN.

Friday, January 23, 2015

FREE Lantern Corps Colorwork Charts

These are the charts I used to make the Lantern Corps crochet beanies, but they'll also work for knitting projects! On the beanies I did the designs in sl, but sc should be ok for flat projects, I think. You may want to experiment with alternating rows of sc and sl to avoid the designs coming out oblong. WoollyRhino supports experiments!

Also note that the colors used on the charts are not necessarily accurate. This is for my own personal visibility needs. I hate staring at the color yellow on screens and I can't use black on the charts or I can't see the grid.

And remember, if you use these for anything then please link back here to this post, to the Etsy shop or to my Facebook page to give me a shoutout! These insignias, of course, belong to DC Comics, but I did take the time to translate them into these charts.

Happy yarncrafting! XOXOX

P.S. Along with free charts, I love to give out FREE ideas. I might take some fiddling, but I think a blanket made of crochet squares with these insignias on them would possibly be cool.

Oh, and if you stumbled on this post and you're not actually a knitter or crocheter then there are still a few of these beanies left that are ready-to-ship HERE. I can also make you one too, if you want.

Click for larger charts!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 19: Mood Blanket Challenge 2015

First row: Done!
Second Row: Not done!

I created a border for the first row in black. I just used scs around and then 2 sc + 2 ch + 2 sc in each corner chain at the actual four corners. I'll do the same for the second row and then an sc seam to join them.

I'm getting into some smaller balls (like really, really small) of my scrap yarn so you'll see more multicolored super sexy yarn squares (granny squares sounds more and more unappealing the more I think about it) soon. I don't even know why I saved such obscenely tiny amounts of yarn.

Most likely it was a bit of hoarder-logic - "I might be able to use this later."

The only thing I hoard is yarn. And look, I'm using it. I used it later. Suck it.

Oh, and it's still not too late to join in the 2015 Mood Blanket Challenge! Click here to visit the original post and get the deets.

Friday, January 16, 2015

DragonCon 2015 Prep Begins...Now?

I'm not actually getting started quite yet, but I did settle on the yarn I'll be using, and I have a partially constructed Silence Glaive.

I had to get every Caron Simply Soft purple in order to find two that would optimally serve my purposes for Sailor Saturn. I'm going with Passion for the main purple and Plum for the shadows. Grape and Iris are majorly bright, so they got vetoed. For my bows I'm using Autumn Red and Burgundy. I have White, Gray Heather, and Charcoal Heather for the glaive. The White and Gray Heather will also be used for the white portions of the suit. The tiara is still in the air. I'm not sure if I can make it out of yarn, but I did get some Sunshine to start with. My earrings are going to be made by my pal at SouthpawEngraving.

Crochet Pleats?!

I was initially planning on crocheting the pleats. Like. Literally. Crocheting pleats is pretty rad and you can check out a tutorial here if you're interested. I may scrap this plan and crochet the pleats in what are basically panels then join them. This will allow me to better see my colorwork...work.

I may or may not make the gloves fingerless. For my boots I'll essentially be crocheting boot covers for the boots I wore for my Miranda Lawson costume a few years ago.

When I do get started, it'll be with the skirt. I think.

My Silence Glaive is currently hanging out and covered with novelty mac 'n cheese duct tape. I need to finish covering it and then spray paint the tape silver. Listen, the mac 'n cheese tape is all I had on hand.

To the left you'll also see my to-do board. Urrrgh.

I promise to update again soon when I get around to doing something interesting.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 12: Mood Blanket Challenge 2015

Here we are on Day 12. Shit went down on Day 6. Today I apparently felt like a Hufflepuff. Or a bee. Or the yellow and black were on top of my other yarn because I just finished making a Hufflepuff hat.

I'm thinking that when I complete the 18 squares for the first row that I'm going to do a black border around them all. Then I'm going to do the second row, also with a black border, then join the rows as I finish them. This sounds like some sort of plan to me.

Join in the fun and make your own mood blanket this year.

Friday, January 9, 2015

FREE Pattern Friday - Portal Companion Cube Crochet Hat

Companion Cuuuuube! The finished hat is about 10"x10" and the design is on both the front and the back. I worked this hat flat then closed the top and side seam. You can also easily work it in the round by joining your starting chain. Also feel free to only put the design on the front (this will make it stretchier). I hate to cramp your creativity, so you can totally feel free to use this chart for knitting or whatever too.

If you make one of these hats, please link back here to share the pattern and also feel free to share pictures on the WRC Facebook!

What You Need
  • worsted weight yarn in 2 colors - Color A (I used pink) and Color B (I used gray)
  • size J crochet hook
  • 3" pom pom maker
  • Ch 85 with color A, turn (the chart is 40 st across and this puts a 2 st border running up both sides of the hat)
  • Row 1 - sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc across, ch 1, turn
  • Row 2 - sl across
  • Row 3 - add in color B and begin working the below chart in tapestry crochet with sc (hint: you'll be starting color B in the 6th st from your hook; if you want the design on the front and back you'll repeat the chart twice with 2 st in color A between)
  • Row 4 - continue with the 2nd line of the chart, but work it in sl
  • Row 5 and onward - alternate rows of sc and sl to complete the chart
  • Finishing: do a final row of sc in color A, close seams with color A, add pom poms to top corners, wear, enjoy, carry on!
I closed the seams with basic sl, but you can also stitch them closed with a yarn needle and color A. If you want to make a different sized hat then I recommend either going up or down a few hook sizes.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Double-Knit Bigfeet and More!

I'm working on a lot of oddball stuff and I've finished up a lot of oddball stuff the last few days. So here goes...this isn't quite a normal WIP Wednesday post because I just finished up a bunch of stuff then started on a bunch of new stuff. Yeah. Anyway. My brains.

Reversible Bigfeet

I finished up a child-size as well as a normal adult size (yes, I'm going to update the pattern, I promise!). Here's a look at the adult-size when it was still a WIP. I'm currently working on another one that is a blue and purple ombre instead of pink, but I've done so little it's not worth me taking a picture. My ombre yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, which I would use for everything I do ever if it were economically feasible. lolol

Reversible Metallic Silver and Black - Child-size
Reversible Pink Ombre and Black - Adult-size

Companion Cube Square Hat!

I just finished this hat moments ago, but here's a look when it was still a WIP. I'll be sharing the chart on Friday! I made this for a custom order and it was a lot of fun and it's real cute.

Evil TeddyBear Podcast Hat

I found another use for all that Fun Fur I bought. I whipped up a hairy bear hat for Korey over at The Evil TeddyBear Podcast. If you scroll down you'll find a post about something called RERUNZ, which, uh, involves me...if you want to hear me babble about TV shows, be an asshole and make inappropriate jokes. Back to the hat - it's done. See it with your eyes. It has teeth.

I'm going to make a similar panda hat and then flesh out the pattern, so you can also look forward to that in the coming weeks. You can also look forward to cosplay WIP stuff as soon as all of the yarn I ordered gets here.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Mood Blanket Challenge?!?!

After a great deal of thought for about 7 minutes I decided to jump on Siouxsie Stitches' bandwagon of domestic fun and participate in her rad Mood Blanket Challenge! Awww yeah!

I've accumulated a lot of scrap yarn this past year, so my "mood" blanket will also be a SCRAPGHAN. Everyone get excited. I get a kick out of making big, hideous blankets. If you didn't see last year's crapghan-scrapghan I made then check it out now. See it with your eyeballs right here.

I don't understand moods or human emotion so I'm going to be picking a random color each day from my scrap bin or from a yarn I'm working with for another project. Whatever's closest to me, most likely.

If you want me to be honest then I'll go ahead and say that I actually got started yesterday and made my first four squares in one day. I decided to join them as I go and went with the good ol' single crochet seaming method. I'll be keeping my squares in the order I made them and seaming with black, also weaving in my God forsaken ends as I go so I don't have to do them all at the end of this extravaganza.

So far I've got five lovely squares, obviously. I'm going to post about this blanket every Monday from now until I'm done. Hopefully it'll get uglier.

Here are 12 different ways to attach your squares. There are many, many more ways to get this job done, but it's a nice place to start! It's also not too late to join in on the challenge either. These squares only take a few minutes each, so you can catch up without a problem, I promise.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Yeah, I Made Breaking Bad Fanart

I'm real excited for Better Call Saul. Like. REALLY excited. Like. I can't even. Saul Goodman is my hero. Well, I just finished watching the first two seasons of House of Cards, so Francis Underwood might actually be my hero, but before I watched that, my hero was totally Saul Goodman.

All of that aside, I also love Mike. Who doesn't love Mike?

So I spent a day or two painting a portrait of Mike. It's oil on an 18"x24" canvas.

Would people be interested in buying this as a print? Is that something people would buy? Fanart? I'd have to figure out how to go about getting prints made, but...for real. Any takers?