Monday, November 3, 2014

Bigfeet, Double Knitting and the Quest for the Dark Tower

1. Bigfeet

I promised the internet a pattern for the bigfoot hat. I've made two as custom orders (one without a pom pom and one with a pom pom) using worsted weight yarn, but the original hat is most certainly double knitted using DK. I'll post the pattern for the one-sided knit version this Friday for...Free Pattern Friday! I need to take a stab at making the double knitted version. Mentioning this transitions nicely into my next topic of discussion.

2. Double Knitting

In the meantime, I made a reversible argyle hat and I'm also working on another double knitted hat to get into the groove and make sense of my gauge.

3. Dark Tower

I've got several new Dark Tower items in the shop and I'm working on several more. I needed a break from the Beam Guardian scarves, but don't fret - I'll get to the next one shortly. Interest in them seems to have died down a bit, so I felt I could slow production.

Tower fans, check out the following:

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