Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Very Hungry Caterpillar Crochet Baby Costume

 Oh, man. So an old pal of mine from high school needed to suit up her babyspawn for Halloween. Crochet and knit baby costumes are super in right now? She said to me, "Hey, can you make a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume?"

And I responded with, "I suppose so. Measure your baby."

I believe I've said before that I know nothing about babies. I still know nothing about babies and I need exact measurements to make baby things.

Long story short - super fun project, took about a day and a half. It's also really cute. Laying flat doesn't do it justice. I wish I'd had a baby on hand to model this creation, but I only have cats.

p.s. I can whip up a pattern for this if anyone is interested. I made it as simple as possible for sake of time with Halloween approaching.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Ka Symbol FREE Colorwork Chart

I only ever used this chart once, but here it is for anyone that wants it! Click it for full size. The finished pattern is fairly large (like the whole side of a knit hat if you use worsted weight yarn and size 7 needles). It should be fine for tapestry crochet as well as knitting. Happy Free Pattern Friday!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lorelai's Bigfoot Hat Colorwork Chart

EDIT (11/6/14): I updated the chart with a few minor changes.

Like every other girl in high school during the early 2000s, I watched Gilmore Girls. And like every other girl that was in high school during the early 2000s, I'm rewatching this ridiculous-amazingly-awful show on Netflix.

Midway through the first season Lorelai wears this beautiful bigfoot hat and I couldn't help but make a chart. I don't have time to make the hat at this second, but you totally can. I don't think I got the chart 100% accurate because it's hard to see, but it's definitely a starting point. Feel free to tweak it. Make a hat, put sasquatches on a sweater. Whatever! Do it in white and make a yeti! I'm sure it'll work for tapestry crochet too. Make a bigfoot blanket!

As with my other free charts - I appreciate a link back to this post, to my Tumblr, Facebook or Etsy! I'd also love to see any bigfoot goodies you make!

Oh, and to help those of you out that want to make this hat...here are some more pictures (click them for full-size)! XOXOX

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dark Tower Beam Guardian Scarf - Lion and Eagle

Well, this scarf sold within a few hours of me listing it so here are some pictures. It's in the mail today for the lucky person that managed to buy it before anyone else. :)

Down at the bottom is also a picture of the next Turtle and Bear scarf. I'm using Lion Brand Heartland 'Grand Canyon' and 'Great Smoky Mountains' and they look great together! Ignore the cat in the picture and the lumpy appearance of Shardik. Next week I'm going to make Gan's Beam, the Elephant and Wolf.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dolla Patterns

I dedicated a bit of my weekend to tweaking my Dalek Crochet Beanie Pattern to fit baby heads. All I know for sure about babies is that in 12 months their heads change size no less than 47 times. I made two Baby Dalek Beanies - Classic and Paradigm - and made the applicable adjustments to the pattern.

All of the $ patterns I have available are ultra-cheap.

Obviously, it is a sweet deal to get the pattern that includes instructions for both sizes. You'll save 50 cents (like the rapper sort of, but I'm actually referring to 2 quarters). The Easy Argyle Hat pattern comes with the argyle chart, which is an excellent argyle chart for putting super basic argyle on anything. Not just the hat.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Beam Guardian Scarf and More!

Happy Wednesday! Happy October 1st! Happy Gilmore Girls is now on Netflix Day! I'm up to a couple different things - all of which are completely unrelated.

Dark Tower Beam Guardian Scarf - Lion and Eagle

At this exact moment the Lion and Eagle scarf is at 23" and I'm hoping to get at least 10" more done today. Maybe more. I'm really flying through this thing and I'm super happy with the lion. I need to go back and look at the eagle pattern I made again. Each time I look at it, I like it less. The first version looks like a parrot-vulture-monster. I did another sketch and I need to grid it then see what happens. The smaller width of the scarf really limits the detail I can give the guardians and without detail eagles apparently don't look much like eagles. I won't give up though...Gan willing. lol *winkwink*

Silence Glaive

I have to confess - Sailor Moon Crystal and the subbed Sailor Moon being available on Hulu has me super stoked about Sailor Moon again. I'm even reading the manga for srs now. I was really into Sailor Moon in middle school...many years ago. I never become one of those major anime nerds, but I really enjoyed Sailor Moon in a normal, healthy way (I think). It's fun and ridiculous.

I've finally accepted the fact that I have the body of a 12-year-old boy and there's nothing I can do about it unless I get fat - at which point I would have the  body of a 12-year-old, fat boy. It's about time that I cosplayed someone that my body type is actually close to. Yeah, my Zer0 suit was good, but I'm like a foot and a half too short. My Miranda Lawson suit was ok, but I don't have her knockers. You know who I could totally rock though? Sailor Motherfuckin' Saturn. The Sailor Scout of Destruction. Haters gonna hate! Bakers gonna bake!

My Silence Glaive is only about 4' tall at the moment. I need to acquire another wrapping paper tube with the same diameter then I can carry on. I'm going to make sure it's good and sturdy with a layer or two of duct tape and then I'm going to start pulling out some of the details with duct tape as well. Then - and now here is where shit gets insane - I'm going to crochet OVER it. I'm going to then cross stitch the highlights and shadows - cell-shading style. Because I am insane. I'm going to crochet the entire suit, starting with the gloves because I think they'll be the hardest. First though, the Beam Guardian scarves.

Some Untitled Oil Painting

This has nothing to do with anything else. I'm doing an oil painting to donate to a non-profit in the area. Obviously this is only the sketch. I'll actually start putting paint on the canvas at some point in the near future. They're going to sell it. My name will be on it. I never paint. I suffer from severe Neverinspiratedbyanythingitis. Will paint for fund raising...apparently? Maybe it'll look ok. I need some new brushes and I also hate oil paints. Acrylic 4 lyfe, bitches. I'm painting with oil because I want to see if I still hate it. We'll see.