Monday, September 22, 2014

LIMITED TIME WoollyRhinoCrafts Etsy Coupon!

So I decided to get some business cards from Moo instead of Vistaprint - for science! As I was making my new snazzy cards online I said to myself, "What sort of loser would have a typo on their cards when the website reminds you to check everything 800 times?"

When my cards came in the mail they looked amazing and I got an answer to my burning question. Me. I am that loser that commits a grievous error and ruins otherwise beautiful business cards. Good thing I only ordered 50, right?!

I'm apparently some sort of eternal optimist and had a hearty chortle then decided to black out my screw up on these cards and do a promotion.

For $5 off enter the coupon code: OOPSPROMO

The code is good through October 31st and valid on all items $15+ in my Etsy shop. Plus you'll get a few of my messed up (but very shiny!) business cards when you order! My facebook page address is right on them at least.

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