Monday, August 4, 2014

Finishing the Katniss Cowl-Thing

I wrapped up the the Katniss cowl commission this weekend. It turned out to be less work than I'd anticipated in my previous post and I'm pretty excited about it. I almost want to make one for myself to wear around for laughs. It's comfortable and also seems to be durable. I tested it thoroughly by wearing it to jump around on things. It's for Dragon*Con so it needed to be able to withstand any Poop Lion climbing.

See all of the posts here, here and here. In a few days I'm going to go back and flesh out the pattern and post it here in a coherent single post.

The first thing I did when I got back to work was stitched up about 3" under the right arm. I noticed the armhole was mighty large and I wanted the piece to be a bit more form-fitting around the chest area. I stitched it up with gray worsted weight yarn and left an opening about 10" from top to bottom.

Next I made a final panel. This one wrapped all the way around from the left shoulder to the middle of the back, going under the right arm. I just used a slightly modified bulky cable stitch and made the strip 28". I stitched it on accordingly and allowed it to curl a bit under itself to create a very nice, finished looking edge.

CO 11
*p1, c4f, p1, c4b, p1
Repeat from * until 28" in length

Here are some pictures of the finished piece on me. I was having a major butterface day and didn't feel like doing anything about it, so excuse my cropped out head. My wonderful customer has bigger boobies than me, so I'm hoping she fills out the front nicely while it was a little bunchy on my chest.

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