Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zer0's Sword WIP

I'll make a more detailed post once I finish this thing. Much has gone wrong (largely due to user error and my strange inability to read numbers on a ruler). This is just a look at what's happening so far. In the dark it doesn't actually look as green as it does in the picture - it's totally aqua, dammit. I swear.

I need to run the EL wire down the edge of the blade and finish up the hilt, which will be covered in felt and painted appropriately in Borderland's style like the rest of the sword. The top half of the hilt will be detachable and held on with velcro so that I can access the inverter and change the batteries as needed. Having a sword that doesn't glow would be real shitty. I also have a ton of touching up to do and I need to dislodge a shitload of cat hair from the epoxy. lolololcats

Every sword needs a name and I've named this one Clusterfuck. Because that's what building it has been. It started out really great and everything was going smoothly then things went awry, but I fixed them. Mostly. I'm quite resourceful, you see. In addition to being really incompetent sometimes.

If you were unaware, this is for my main Dragon*Con 2014 costume. Speaking of which, I really need to work on that suit in the near future before I end up scrambling around like an idiot the day before I leave. Just say no to procrastination, pals.

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