Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Hats! New Hats! Hats!!11!one!!

DRAMA LLAMA Chevron - Purple Fizz on Black

$20 USD + shipping

I gotta confess, pals - this is my favorite llama hat so far. I'm also going to put the pastel multi-colored yarn on a black background, which I'm sure will also look snazzy.

Slytherin Argyle

$20 USD + shipping

If you compare the Slytherin argyle hat to the Gryffindor one, you will notice that they are different. I wanted to see which way looked better (the argyle with the smaller striped background or the larger one). I like them both. I suppose they are Style 1 and Style 2. I'm working on a Ravenclaw one, which will use the Style 1 like Gryffindor.

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