Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's WIP Wednesday!

 Zer0's Sword

Finally got started on my sword for Dragon*Con and it's going quite dandy. I'm nearly done with the hilt. I made it so that there are two halves. The top half will be secured using velcro so I can access the battery pack for my EL wire. Check out my progress pics. It's made of cardboard coated on polyurethane resin.

Beam Guardian Scarf
I haven't worked on this as much as I meant to. Confession - knitting scarves is a bummer. I'm nearly done with the center though! It's hanging out at about 35" I think. I measured it the other day and then forgot exactly how long it was. I was afraid it would be too short, but I think I'm good. Once I make and attach the back the stockinette parts (ends and center) that are curling will flatten out a bit more. Also, I went to the yarn store to snag some more yarn for this because not only is knitting scarves a bummer, but it takes more yarn than I anticipated. Anyway, they've discontinued the lighter cream color. Good news: I got one of the last skeins, so all is well. Dear Gan, I hope I have enough to finish. ;)

P.S. The next Beam scarf I make will definitely be knitted in the round and it'll also be made of more affordable acrylic yarn rather than this wonderful (but pricey and now discontinued) Peruvian Highland wool.

Argyle Hogwarts Hats

Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Not much to say about these except that I'm working on them and they'll be in the shop when I'm done. 

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