Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Hats!

In the midst of working on a number of personal projects for Dragon*Con and the Katniss cosplay commission, I've managed to church out two new knit hats as well as two new crochet ones. The first knit hat is an argyle hat using the same pattern as my Hogwarts argyle hats and the other is a new DRAMA LLAMA design. There are now THREE awesome DRAMA LLAMA designs - the All Drama DRAMA LLAMA (only exclamation points), the Chevron DRAMA LLAMA (with the chevron stripe obviously) and the new Argyle DRAMA LLAMA. The argyle is really basic and actually resembles a traditional fair isle pattern (rather than just referring to all colorwork as fair isle). Lots of parentheticals up in hurr today.

DRAMA LLAMA All Drama - a smaller almost scullcap style as well as a pom pom version.

Here is a DRAMA LLAMA Chevron without a pom pom!

Purple and Black Argyle Pom Pom Hat

$20 + shipping

DRAMA LLAMA - Pastels on Black with Argyle

$20 + shipping

All of these patterns can be made with or without a pom pom and I can also make them smaller as well as larger! Just ask. I'm pretty nice usually. I also made these two new comic-inspired hats. They were to test out two new designs for some large-sized custom orders.

The first is a Northstar (Alpha Flight and X-Men) slouchy beanie and the second is the Star Sapphire insignia.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Zer0's Sword WIP

I'll make a more detailed post once I finish this thing. Much has gone wrong (largely due to user error and my strange inability to read numbers on a ruler). This is just a look at what's happening so far. In the dark it doesn't actually look as green as it does in the picture - it's totally aqua, dammit. I swear.

I need to run the EL wire down the edge of the blade and finish up the hilt, which will be covered in felt and painted appropriately in Borderland's style like the rest of the sword. The top half of the hilt will be detachable and held on with velcro so that I can access the inverter and change the batteries as needed. Having a sword that doesn't glow would be real shitty. I also have a ton of touching up to do and I need to dislodge a shitload of cat hair from the epoxy. lolololcats

Every sword needs a name and I've named this one Clusterfuck. Because that's what building it has been. It started out really great and everything was going smoothly then things went awry, but I fixed them. Mostly. I'm quite resourceful, you see. In addition to being really incompetent sometimes.

If you were unaware, this is for my main Dragon*Con 2014 costume. Speaking of which, I really need to work on that suit in the near future before I end up scrambling around like an idiot the day before I leave. Just say no to procrastination, pals.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Katniss Cowl-Thing: Phase 2.0

Phase 2 of this project involved attaching a whole lot of smaller pieces together! I used mostly very simple ribbing and a bit of cabling. I hopefully took pictures where you can see each part and how I attached them. Maybe. Probably not. I'm pretty incompetent.

For the cabled section on the front, right-side chest area:

  • CO 20
  • k20 (but what I actually did was p1, k4, p1, k4, p1, k4, p1, k4 - this was silly of me because I ended up stitching it in such a way that it didn't matter, so just knit across all of it instead)
  • p20
  • *k1, k4f, k1, k4b, k1, k4f, k1, k4b
  • p20

repeat from * until approximately 5” then stitch it accordingly, leaving space for the right arm-hole, shoulder part thing

For the first strip that wraps around the previous part then attaches to the back to form the hole

  • CO 5
  • *k2, p1, k2
  • p2, k1, p2
repeat from * until 15” and stitch this piece down the front piece and cover the bottom inside corner then stitch to bottom edge, attach to back piece about 1” from bottom end

This second strip is stitched along the previous strip:

  • CO 5
  • * k2, p1, k2
  • p2, k1, p2
repeat from * until 17” then stitch along previous strip with purl side facing out for a nice texture change

After working on the right side for a while I decided to do some work on the left. This strip is for the back and goes from the center in the back to the top of the left shoulder.

  • CO 9
  • * k2, p1, k2, p2, k2
  • p2, k2, p2, k1, p2
repeat from * until 11” and attach

Then I went back to the right side where there is a small strip that goes from the neck area down and stop under the right arm.

  • CO 5
  • k2 p1 k2
  • * p2 k1 p2
repeat from * until 14” and stitch on

Following the previous strip is one that goes from the neck area in the front, under the arm and around other underarm pieces to the back:

  • CO 8
  • * k3, p2, k3
  • p3, k2, p3
repeat from * until 22"

See the previous posts about this piece here, here and here. The next update about this will hopefully be the final pieces and finishing it up with crochet edging. If you happen to be wondering about the change in normal crafting scenery in this pics it was because I was at my grandmother's abode. I also have no idea why the font in this post decided to be different. Life is hard.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cybershade Mask - FINISHED

I wrapped my cybershade mask up earlier this week. I'd almost like to make a full suit, but let's be real - that shit would take forever. Here's a look at the last few steps as well as the finished mask.

If you've been paying attention you know that I made this largely out of cardboard. I used model magic in the joints as well as for the pipes that extend from the head. I made the rivets out of air-dry clay. It was all held together by a lot of layers of polyurethane resin. Finally, I painted the thing with some metallic gold paint.

After the paint dried I went back in with a wash. I used devlan mud by Citadel Paints. It worked great to bring out the details and give the whole thing a more worn look.

I used black panty hose to make the eyes and mouth. I cut appropriately sized pieces and glued them to the inside then went over the edges with more resin. I can still see through the eyes (not great, but I do have visibility and no one will need to hold my hand when I wear this thing).

The final step was making the "hair" or whatever it is that covers these robot monsters. I have an extensive scrap t-shirt collection, so I went through and pulled out all of the black shirts. I cut a bunch of strips and then I cut strips into the strips. Hours later after slow and tedious sewing I realized I should have sewn the initial strips together before cutting the smaller strips. Afterthought is a bitch. 

Done! More or less. I need to put some padding inside for my face. I also noticed that the lighting in my pictures totally makes the black look navy, but it's black...I hope. The hair is also even. I tossed it down all willy-nilly for this final photo after hours spent finishing it when I thought it would be a "real quick" task. Oops.

The mask will be unveiled on my bodily person at Dragon*Con. I have no idea what I'm wearing with it. Cat shirt? Dress? Bikini? Zer0 suit?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Katniss Cowl-Thing: Phase 1.2

When I finish this completely I'll share the entire pattern all in one post - don't worry. You won't have to click through a million pages for the different parts of this cowl-thing. For now though: click here and here to see the previous work (the links will open in new windows). I'm shooting for getting the armhole on the right side finished today/tomorrow.

All I've added as of right now were two long strips of very simple ribbing. I scrapped the arrow cable stitch idea. It just didn't look right. The first strip mostly went to forming part of the back as well as the right shoulder. It stops at the top of the right shoulder and forms a seam there with the second strip. I used the same super bulky yarn and size 11 needles then stitched the pieces on with a tapestry needle and worsted weight yarn.

When I said simple, I meant it.

Strip 1
CO 12
p1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k2
p2, k1, p2, k1, p2, k1, p2, k1
repeat until about 16”

I stitched this piece right alongside the previous strip with the cabling.

Strip 2
CO 11 (ribbing)
k2, p1, k2, p1, k2, p1, k2
p2, k1, p2, k1, p2, k2, p2
repeat until about 38”

This is basically the same as the first strip, only a tad bit different. Attach one of the short sides of this strip to the short side of the previous strip at the shoulder then stitch to the neck part. Carry on all the way around then down the back and attach it to the middle part. Voila!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Katniss Cowl-Thing: Phase 1.1

It's a super gloomy day here and I don't have any real work to do so I'm hoping to put a good dent in this way cool commission project - The Thing Katniss Is Wearing At The Beginning Of Catching Fire. Click here to read about Phase 1.0 - The Neck Part.

I worked on the right shoulder over the weekend and it's looking snazzy. The back is also really coming together already. I think I'm going to continue to work on the right arm section and the armhole today (hopefully with another update tomorrow). I am taking some liberties because I don't want it to be as thick as the original, but I do want it to still have that chunky look.


  • big needle AKA tapestry needle
  • size 11 knitting needles
  • the same super bulky yarn from Phase 1.0
  • some worsted weight yarn of an appropriate color
The worsted weight yarn was used to stitch the shoulder section to the neck. I had some amid my scrap yarn that was the exact color of the Lion Brand yarn I'm using for the body of the project. Just use from normal weight gray yarn.

Making the Shoulder Part

I decided that two bulk cable stitches going in opposite directions next to each other would be excellent for this section. They're separated by one stitch to give them dimension. I tried it without that one stitch and it was a like a braided blob. I was hoping each cable would be a little bit closer to the same size as the rope parts of the neck, but it's all good. I pleases me. Do this to make this happen:

CO 15
p1, k6, p1, k6, p1
p1, k6f, p1, k6b, p1
repeat until it's like 24" long

Cast off then thread your worsted weight yarn through your big needle and stitch that thing in place. Awww yeah!

I'm home all alone so I was forced to take some crap quality headless selfies to try to show the thing from the front. My arms are short and everything is hard for me, but I do have this awesome cat shirt. I would have put it on my mannequin, but it is currently occupied by my Zer0 suit (that I need to work on this week too omg). For the next part I'm thinking that arrow cables will do the trick!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It's WIP Wednesday!

 Zer0's Sword

Finally got started on my sword for Dragon*Con and it's going quite dandy. I'm nearly done with the hilt. I made it so that there are two halves. The top half will be secured using velcro so I can access the battery pack for my EL wire. Check out my progress pics. It's made of cardboard coated on polyurethane resin.

Beam Guardian Scarf
I haven't worked on this as much as I meant to. Confession - knitting scarves is a bummer. I'm nearly done with the center though! It's hanging out at about 35" I think. I measured it the other day and then forgot exactly how long it was. I was afraid it would be too short, but I think I'm good. Once I make and attach the back the stockinette parts (ends and center) that are curling will flatten out a bit more. Also, I went to the yarn store to snag some more yarn for this because not only is knitting scarves a bummer, but it takes more yarn than I anticipated. Anyway, they've discontinued the lighter cream color. Good news: I got one of the last skeins, so all is well. Dear Gan, I hope I have enough to finish. ;)

P.S. The next Beam scarf I make will definitely be knitted in the round and it'll also be made of more affordable acrylic yarn rather than this wonderful (but pricey and now discontinued) Peruvian Highland wool.

Argyle Hogwarts Hats

Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Not much to say about these except that I'm working on them and they'll be in the shop when I'm done. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Katniss Cowl-Thing: Phase 1

I got started on this mighty beast (the badass one-shoulder Katniss cowl-thing) yesterday and finished up the neck today. I worked the neck part based on this pattern.  I'm really excited to start work on the shoulders tomorrow and I'm going to go in a completely different direction in a valiant attempt to even more closely mimic the weaving. This was (I hope) the most challenging part. By challenging I mean tedious. It was fun at first and then a few hours in I wanted to off myself.

Supplies So Far

  • 5/16" polypropylene utility line (it is more lightweight and flexible imo)
  • a lot of Lion Brand Super Bulky Hometown USA yarn in gray
  • some packing tape (not pictured)
  • size J crochet hook
The first thing I did was cut 3 strands of rope - 33", 47" and 45" - these are the top three big chunky parts of the neck going from top to bottom. 

I'm either completely incompetent with the primitive task of using fire or polypropylene rope isn't normal. But I couldn't get the ends of this rope to burn properly and stop fraying. I was just burning off more and more rope. So it's a good thing I got 50' of it. I ended up just using packing tape to cover each piece (instead of duct tape because I didn't want the pieces to become too stiff).
I made a circle with the 33" rope and then covered it with yarn by wrapping around then doing a slip stitch at the top and wrapping again. And again. And again. I then wrapped the other two pieces, which stayed rope-y and are not joined to make circles. This took approximately 500 years. 

I also had to make 4 end pieces for each end of the long ropes and secure them with more wrapping and slip stitches for another 100 years.

End Pieces
These are super similar to Engineered Creations' end pieces, but I had to make some changes to accommodate my super bulky yarn.

Ch 4, join with sl to form loop, ch 1
5 sc in loop
Work even until the cap-thing is about 2" then leave your ends dangling because they really help when attaching these things to the rope!

I slid the ends on as far as they'd go then used the loose yarn to literally tie the ends to the rope. Then I did a super tight layer of wrapping and sl to cover as much of sc ends as possible to make the pieces look uniform. It was ok with me that they were lumpy - the original is lumpy as all hell.

I think began the astoundingly tedious task of attaching these pieces together to make the neck. I started attaching the first long piece (47") about 4" from its end. I used slip stitches to create a seam between the slip stitches already on each piece from the 500 years of wrapping. For placement purposes I used the outer loops of the circle pieces sl and the inner loops of the long pieces - if that makes any sense.

To attach the third piece of the neck I started with the shorter dangling end of the previous piece. I lined them up then carried on around in the same manner as before. As I went I took care of any loose ends (to avoid weaving in as much as possible) and I crocheted them into my slip stitches of my seam. Everyone hates weaving in ends. It's a drag.

After another 100 years, I finished attaching the third piece. I then took a picture of the form in the back then I threw it onto the floor and took another picture. Now I've put it all away and I can't wait to start on the rest, but I can't look at it for a while. I was going to crochet the whole thing, but now I may combine crochet and some fat (as well as phat) cables. I'll be making several parts then piecing them together and hopefully the end result will be satisfying to all humans involved. I may or may not work on this tomorrow because I need to work on my Zer0 sword omg. :D

Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Hats! New Hats! Hats!!11!one!!

DRAMA LLAMA Chevron - Purple Fizz on Black

$20 USD + shipping

I gotta confess, pals - this is my favorite llama hat so far. I'm also going to put the pastel multi-colored yarn on a black background, which I'm sure will also look snazzy.

Slytherin Argyle

$20 USD + shipping

If you compare the Slytherin argyle hat to the Gryffindor one, you will notice that they are different. I wanted to see which way looked better (the argyle with the smaller striped background or the larger one). I like them both. I suppose they are Style 1 and Style 2. I'm working on a Ravenclaw one, which will use the Style 1 like Gryffindor.

Friday, July 11, 2014

FREE Colorwork Chart - Dark Tower Unfound

It's FREE CROCHET AND KNITTING COLORWORK CHART FRIDAY! This week the Rhino has another chart for her fellow Dark Tower fans - "Unfound" from everyone's favorite magical door. Click for full size since it's kinda long!

Get the Eye of the Crimson King chart here and the Mark of the Eld/Sigil of the White chart here! (I have to confess that this one looks much nicer than the other two, but I promise they all function for tapestry crochet as well as colorwork knitting!)

I made some very slight changes to this chart from the one I used. They were improvements for sure.

This chart is free to use for whatever you want, but all I ask is that you link back to this post, the WRC Etsy Shop or tumblr!

There is currently a pretty sweet Unfound Skullcap Beanie and a Crimson King Pom Pom Beanie available in the shop. Each is $20 + shipping!

Long days and pleasant nights, pals.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Infamous Zer0 Suit + Other Stuff

I guess I should have posted this yesterday on WIP WEDNESDAY. But I didn't.

Zer0 Suit

I've painted up to the knee of the left leg! I'm using Jones Tones Stretchable Paint diluted to various levels. It's working fan-fucking-tastic. No joke. It is performing wonderfully on the spandex parts of the suit and it's also working just fine on the felt and the fosshape. Fosshape is also amazing. I stitched the armor pieces on and then hardened and formed them.

My one fosshape pointer? It shrinks when you harden it. I'm sure it says that somewhere.

I'm hoping to continue up the left leg this weekend AND start the sword. I have all of the supplies include my EL wire, which I am super excited to use. I'm just super excited about this project in general even though BL2 was soooo last year. :P

 Miss Hartigan/Cyberking

Yeah, I'm still finishing this even though I nixed the costume (read why here). I took some liberties with the design for stability and there are a ton of imperfections, but it's been fun. I need to finish the detailed bits in the top front part and fix a few things here and there. It's a fine prototype. I don't know what I'm going to do with it exactly. I'd really like to make a mold and cast it so on and so forth, but I'll probably lose interest in it before I get around to any such undertakings.

I needed a break so I crocheted myself an N7 patch for my decade-old Jansport bookbag. omg I remember when I had to have this gray, boring bag because all the cool kids had them. Is Jansport still a thing? Now it's an N7 bag so whatever. And yes, that is a PBR button because I keep it classy. Did I already mention this in another post? I think I'm losing my mind from working with polyurethane.

COMING SOON...Katniss cowl commission update, that Cybershade mask and some other stuff.