Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan

Behold! I finished the Gryffindor section of this afghan. I even had some leftover Gryffindor colors, so I'm going to make an argyle hat. The hat isn't very interesting yet. I'll post a picture later this week.

I am for real out of the colors I need to finish the rest of the sections. I'll get more yarn shortly and carry on. I know how I'm going to finish this thing - with granny square stitches (3 dc in space stitches) in the appropriate color over each section. Like how I bordered the Gryffindor section. Then I'll probs go around with sl to make a finished looking edge. Or I might do a different edging. Maybe.

The Slytherin section is so close to being finished, but I ran out of both green and silver. After I get more yarn and finish this I will probably also make some argyle hats for the other houses as well.

Other WIPs
I have to confess that I ripped out the work I'd done on the Beam Guarding Scarf again. Apparently it is going to be a work of trial and error. I am still working on it. I redid my Maturin pattern and knitted it, but then I decided I needed a break. I picked a different cable stitch (the staghorn) for the cabling up the middle. I also have a new idea for the middle of the scarf. I'm going to make the scarf in pieces now so that if I don't like one piece I don't have to destroy the entire thing. Smart, huh?

I'm also probably going to get started on another hat design this week. Another Twin Peaks hat. I'm going to make a repeating Owl Cave symbol pattern and have it go around the hat all chevronny and shit.

Oh, oh! I'm also going to make another chart and post it this weekend. When I clean up the charts I'll put them all on Ravelry. 

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