Friday, June 27, 2014

Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan Update!

Just a quick update - I finished the Slytherin section and I got excited. Hufflepuff is up next, but it's Friday night so I'm going to drink some bourbon and play video games. I'm also thinking about doing a "Free Pattern Friday," but not today obviously. I just realized it was Friday mere moments ago. So next Friday, pals.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Beam Guardian Scarf v3.0

As I mentioned last week, I took apart the Beam Guardian scarf and then took a break from it. I needed to re-evaluate my methods and I also ended up tweaking the charts for Maturin and Shardik as well. Not a lot. I made them a bit simpler so I could make the scarf not as wide.
Making a scarf on circular needles is a huge chore and it was immensely boring. Blah blah blah sob angst. I'm making this scarf in parts, but now that I have sort of finalized the general structure I'm going to make any subsequent scarves in fewer pieces and maybe even in the round. Assuming I don't want to die after this one.
This beast is currently hanging out at about 17” long. I’m hoping to do 13” more of the staghorn cabling today and then start work on the center AKA the Dark Tower! omg this is going to be huge and epic.

I decided to make the Tower a rose like the one pictured in Treachery #3 in the chapel in Debaria (take look at the ultra-rough sketch I just did!). I’ll need to clean it up, simplify it and chart it. I want it to be a bit smaller than the guardians. The lines shooting off from the leaves are going to spiral around the rose and hopefully look cool? Since I’m prone to have ideas and then hate how I execute them I’m going to make the tower a separate panel so that I don’t have to take apart the entire scarf if I lose my mind again.
After the center I’m going to start at the opposite end, make Shardik then cable back up to the center and attach all of these pieces. Who the hell makes a scarf in pieces? I DO. Haters gonna hate. After that I’m going to make a nice solid piece for the back and stitch up the sides, add tassels and then be done with this thing. :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mass Effect Colorwork Charts!

ATTN: Mass Effect Yarncrafters

Here's the deal with these charts: I've only used them for crochet, but they'll be fine for knitting. The Cerberus chart below is not the chart I used for the Cerberus patch. I also only included the small Omega chart. The large Omega chart and the Cerberus chart I used are both too tall to be particularly useful unless you want to only use fingering weight yarn or you're making a sweater. The charts below are much more versatile.

Buy the N7 beanie here! Also check out the N7 crochet patch.

Is anyone interested in an Alliance or C-Sec chart? I was thinking about making an Alliance hat in the near future, so that chart at least will eventually appear here.

Anywho, enjoy and use these however you like! Please link back to this post, to the WRC Etsy store or to my Tumblr though.

Oh, oh...and while I'm still here - there are some amazing free charting tools online:
The KnitPro App (I used this one for the N7 and the Omega charts actually - I like it because the grid lines are blue!)
StitchBoard Pattern Wizard (many, many features...such features...very chart...and I used it for the Cerberus chart)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

World of Warcraft Horde Emblem Colorwork Chart

28x35 stitch colorwork chart of World of Warcraft Horde Emblem (click for full size)

I've only ever used it for crochet, but it'll work for knitting. The hat pictured was made using sl and the patch is normal sc. If you use this for a crochet hat and want to sc you will need to play with your gauge/hook size because it is a little tall. This is as small as I could make it without losing detail and the reason the grid isn't squares is because it helped make the pointier bits look pointier and less chunky...if you get what I'm saying.

Feel free to use this chart however you like, but I would appreciate a link back to this article, the WRC Etsy or Tumblr. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan

Behold! I finished the Gryffindor section of this afghan. I even had some leftover Gryffindor colors, so I'm going to make an argyle hat. The hat isn't very interesting yet. I'll post a picture later this week.

I am for real out of the colors I need to finish the rest of the sections. I'll get more yarn shortly and carry on. I know how I'm going to finish this thing - with granny square stitches (3 dc in space stitches) in the appropriate color over each section. Like how I bordered the Gryffindor section. Then I'll probs go around with sl to make a finished looking edge. Or I might do a different edging. Maybe.

The Slytherin section is so close to being finished, but I ran out of both green and silver. After I get more yarn and finish this I will probably also make some argyle hats for the other houses as well.

Other WIPs
I have to confess that I ripped out the work I'd done on the Beam Guarding Scarf again. Apparently it is going to be a work of trial and error. I am still working on it. I redid my Maturin pattern and knitted it, but then I decided I needed a break. I picked a different cable stitch (the staghorn) for the cabling up the middle. I also have a new idea for the middle of the scarf. I'm going to make the scarf in pieces now so that if I don't like one piece I don't have to destroy the entire thing. Smart, huh?

I'm also probably going to get started on another hat design this week. Another Twin Peaks hat. I'm going to make a repeating Owl Cave symbol pattern and have it go around the hat all chevronny and shit.

Oh, oh! I'm also going to make another chart and post it this weekend. When I clean up the charts I'll put them all on Ravelry. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Chevron + Llamas = NEW HAT

Meet the brand new, ultra sexy DRAMA LLAMA - Pastels on Royal Blue with CHEVRONOMG. So listen, chevron is like the coolest thing since sliced bread whether you are knitting or crocheting. It is even cooler than Moroccan tile crochet (I have no idea how). If you're not making something chevron right now you're pretty much a huge, lame loserface. Chevron has been around for like 800 years, but apparently it is just now cool. It just makes me think of gas stations and then I start thinking about cars and then I just want to get a Maserati and my day is ruined.

Everyone and their mom and third cousin twice removed is doing something chevron. I was so tired of seeing chevron on tumblr and hearing all of my yarncrafting friends talk about their 27 chevron projects that I thought I was going to puke or go on a stabbing spree if I saw even one more single stupid V-shaped chevron.

Because I love to be trendy and do what everyone else is doing I decided to jump on board the chevron party wagon instead of committing murder. I thought, "Hey, I can have the llamas on chevron."

I then decided to use my amazing pastel yarn that looks like candy and put it on this nice blue. Chevrons that look like they are made of pieces of candy necklace are not so bad. It made me hungry.

This super cool hat is $20 + shipping.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mark of the Eld/Sigil of the White Colorwork Chart

This is nearly as aesthetically unappealing as my Eye of the Crimson King chart. But it gets the job done, right? This is suitable for both knit and crochet colorwork. Enjoy!

If you use this, please link back here, to the WRC tumblr or to the Etsy shop!

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Oopsies! I missed WIP Wednesday!

Beam Guardian Scarf

This is coming along nicely. I'm bringing the sides in and the two cables are going to merge to make one fat cable. I'm going to do something or another in the middle of the scarf then carry on to the end with the bear. I actually added about 2 inches after I took this picture, but then I didn't feel like taking another picture. lolol

Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan

I think I can actually finish the Gryffindor section without needing more yarn, which is exciting. I definitely need more green, silver, blue, yellow and black (AKA all the other colors). After I finish each separate square I'm going to give them a border...probably just a few rounds of sc. Then I'm going to attach them nicely. I'm not sure if I'm going to give the whole thing a border or now. We'll see how it looks when I finish. I haven't worked on it much this past week.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Eye of the Crimson King Colorwork Chart

This isn't the most beautiful chart I could have made, but you guys should see the sloppy charts I actually work from. I also probs should have saved it as a .png instead of a .jpg, but whatever. Also probs should have made it bigger. Sharing charts with humans is a learning process for me. I'll make sure my next chart is more aesthetically pleasing, I promise. :D

If you take a look you will see that this is 41 stitches across and 29 stitches tall - it is super easy to knit and crochet as long as you can count (which is something I sometimes struggle with). I can't make it any smaller without losing too much detail. Feel free to play with gauges and stuff. I'd also love to see anything you Dark Tower yarncrafters make!

IMO - with crochet it looks better done in slip stitch than single crochet, but I don't sc super tight and I haven't done any experimenting with smaller than a J hook.

If you use this chart, please link back to this post, the WRC tumblr or shop

Long days and pleasant nights, pals.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cybershade WIP

I keep telling myself that I need to finish one of my major cosplay projects before starting another. This refers to my damn Lady Zer0 suit and the piece of crap Mercy Hartigan/Cyberking prototype. I do not listen to myself and proceeded to get bored with my life and start a Cybershade mask. I haven't finished it yet, of course.

At the moment it is made of cardboard and Model Magic - no joke. When it's done and completely dry I'm going to resin it and sand it then paint it. I'm thinking black nylon behind the eyes and the mouth and then repurposing a black t-shirt to make the "hair" or wtfever these things have. This is actually probably what I'll finish first then the Miss Hartigan headpiece and knowing me I'll be finishing my Zer0 suit and sword like the day before Dragon*Con because I'm an idiot.

On the subject of painting...I'm probably actually going to make both this mask as well as the headpiece silver instead of the copper color they actually are. Listen. This is because warm metal colors make me look totally washed out and we can't have that. I also don't have time to procure or make a freakin' red Victorian dress for Miss Hartigan. What I am probs going to do is take some liberties and modernize her in a green dress. I will though have the all-important black out contacts. Let's be honest, the whole reason I want to make that costume is an excuse to buy black out contacts.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Beam Guardian Scarf and Hogwarts Afghan

Dark Tower Beam Guardian Scarf - Turtle and Bear

I haven't worked on this as much as I meant to after the disaster that lead to me pulling the whole thing apart last week. It looks a lot better this time and I'm approaching the top of Maturin. The scarf is double-sided so Maturin is also on the opposite side, but he is a mirror image. I plan to put tassels at either end and a nice, fat cable up the middle of the scarf over to Shardik's side. This is going to be a pretty wide scarf and I'm shooting for 3' long...maybe a little more?

Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan

This is slow coming. I'm actually out of a few of the colors I need. I haven't actually finished a single quadrant, but I did do several rows of Ravenclaw recently. I believe I've done all I can of the other three houses due to running out of colors. Each quadrant is going to be a roughly 16" square. I'm going to attach them and I'm not sure about the border or if there will even be one.

I'm also working on a Twin Peaks-inspired knit hat and a billion other things. Among these billion other things are making my charts look nice so I can post them on here fo' free for people to use. Also the pattern for my Dalek beanies.