Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WIP Wednesday and I Didn't Miss It!

 Moroccan tile is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Learn how to do it from Moogly Blog. I'm making a Moroccan tile Harry Potter throw. It will be four quadrants with the Hogwarts' house colors. I'm not sure about the border yet. I'll figure it out when I'm done with the big parts. I'm using the movie colors, obvs.

I'm also working on this Unfound hat. A knit version. I prefer it over the crochet version. Maybe it's the colors I'm using. The background is a light brown flecked with black and dark brown. The other color is a coffee brown with red, yellow, blue and green flecks - it looks magical and shit. I need to finish the crown, which I'm going to do today.

I also made a knit Crimson King hat and incidentally, I prefer the crochet version over this one. I was trying to make the top of the eye go all the way to the top of the crown and it ended up looking funky with my decreases. If I knit another I'll make the sigil lower and not try to get fancy. You can buy the Crimson King hat now!

Also did some work on the patterns for the first Beam scarf. Like a sensible person I'm starting with good ol' Bear-Turtle. I'm going to touch up the grids as soon as I finish this post. Unless you knit or crochet you have no idea what these grids are that I speak of, but whatever. I'm still not sure about the colors. Again, I really like the knit Unfound hat colors. I'll need to get more of the light brown. Hmm!

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