Thursday, May 29, 2014

DRAMA LLAMA!!11!11 hats.

Look at all these pictures! Everyone on the internet loves colorful images! Yay! Alright, pals. Scope out this original WoollyRhino (WRC) design. It is simple and exciting. There are llamas and exclamation points on ridiculous multi-colored backgrounds. DRAMA LLAMAS!

We have the yellow on Peruvian print or some shit with a small ribbed brim - this was a gift and is not for sale, but I can make another. Next there is the celestial blue on pastels. It is another snazzy pom pom hat, but has a brim with thicker ribbing to mix it up. Finally, the small, snug-fit beanie with chunky exclamation points. All hats are 100% acrylic. This means they are washable, but you may want to handwash to maintain them beautiful pom poms in their spherical shapes.

Blue on Pastels DRAMA LLAMA Knit Pom Pom Beanie

$20 + $5 shipping (for domestic customers only)

Blue on some Desert Camo Stuff DRAMA LLAMA Knit Beanie

$20 + $5 shipping (for domestic customers only)

**pom pom can be added if you want**

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - Contact me. We can talk. I don't bite hard.

Custom hat? Sure. Contact me. Custom orders taken on an individual basis. I'm working on a lot of projects right now, so they also might take a few days.

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