Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Custom Order: Ka and the White Dark Tower Beanie

I got this knit beanie in the mail yesterday for a fellow Dark Tower fan all the way in Australia! It features the Ka sigil on one side and the sigil of the White/Mark of the Eld on the other. Having not done anything with these particular snazzy sigils before, I had to make the patterns. This means that I now have the patterns to make more. I intend to. First I have to finish a few original design hats with llamas. Yes, llamas.

To my dismay, I can't make the Ka sigil any smaller than it is on this hat - it's pretty much the whole side. If it gets any smaller it loses a lot of detail and you can't really tell what it is. It actually started smaller on this hat, but I didn't like how it was looking at all. This looks much, much better. It would be great on a really slouchy beanie or a rasta hat or like a pillow. lol

Feel free to contact me about custom orders. I will, in fact, ship internationally. I hate going to the post office is all. I like to discuss shipping options with international customers as well to figure out what works the best for them. Contact me through my Etsy store or send an email to woollyrhinocrafts(at)gmail.com. I would prefer to use Etsy.

Tomorrow is WIP Wednesday! I'm going to remember too. I think.

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