Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How To Make The Magician Teensy

This isn't a pattern. I'm sorry. I didn't write this down because it was a lot of trial and error. Winged it, man. This is pictures of the Magician Teensy's development. I've been playing a ton of Rayman Legends lately, which is a great game. I'm normally into games where I get to shoot things to death with space guns and shit, but this is a quality side-scroller. No, I do not work for Ubisoft.


Step 1:
Make a turd shape. This is the head/nose. Preferably it should be in a nice cyan color. I have never had cyan yarn in my life, so I used a baby blue cotton yarn. Ideally, if I make another, I will use a better color.

Step 2:
Make a turd shape that is bigger around and with a flat bottom. this is the body. Attach. I used "invisible" thread which is overpriced very fine fishing line - don't pretend it isn't.

Step 3:
Make a weird top hat. Attach.

Step 4:
Clothe that thing. Naked teensies are vulgar, dammit. p.s. I totally use nail clippers to cut my yarn when I can't find scissors. They're clean.

Arms, hands, eyes, star for hat. POOF A MAGICIAN. Listen closely and you can hear his ridiculous high-pitched cackling.

I'm going to make a larger one. Probably a King-ish Teensy. I will hopefully work out the pattern. This was a lot of fun, but he's so tiny. When I get some cyan for reals I hope to also include the swirl details on the nose and all that good stuff. 

Peace out, woolly bastards.
The Woolly Rhino

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