Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birth of the Crochet Dalek Beanies

I came across a strange device, obviously from space. It was a Progenitor device. But it was a YARN Progenitor device.

I've been on a Doctor Who kick lately, rewatching all of that nonsense. I decided to poke around and look at some other Dalek hats on the mighty Internet. There's some good ones out there. I decided to make my own, but keep them simple. I wanted them to be more like beanies that happen to also be Daleks, rather than putting a fully-formed Dalek on your head, you know? Yeah, dude.

The first born from the Yarn Progenitor (crochet hook) was a bronze one. Nice. Simple. Classic Dalek design. People like color so I made a bunch with the same design in different colors then I also made two that were inspired by the Dalek Paradigm design (AKA the new Daleks). They're a lot of fun to make and really simple. I kept their eyes flat and simple and made their lights out of cute, little 2-inch pom poms. Here are pictures. Buy one for realsies from the Etsy shop. The green one is on sale for my GREEN SALE. omg

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