Friday, March 14, 2014

The Argyle Pillow

This was a long time coming. I ran out of polyfil, so it was half-stuffed for the last two weeks or whatever. I finally finished it because I got more fiber. Buy it here. It is a mere $25.

I'm fairly pleased, despite the minor errors you can see if you look closely. It was an error in my pattern sketch. I pinpointed it and resolved the issue for later use of the same pattern...not that it's a hella complex argyle or anything, but learning and shit.

I sketched out some different argyle patterns the other night so I can do some more argyle in the near future. Argyle is, like, my favorite pattern omg. I want to make tweed argyle hats. I'm going to lay off the hats for a while though and make some spring/summer stuff - sarongs and cozies, bitches. Awww yeeaaaaaah!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Crapghan Completion and Other Excitement

A surprise ice storm knocked out my power for a day and a half and left me without internet for some days afterward. I just got internet back today after much drama with my ISP. The outage was fixed, you see, but my internet was not. That is a boring story.

I worked a lot on the crapghan in my immense boredom and the cold. It's finished, in fact. I also screwed around with some of my other crap yarn. I made a cat scarf...or something. She didn't like it. She doesn't appreciate anything (with an exception noted below).

Here are crapghan pictures. It's the ugliest thing ever. I was tired of working on it. It's huge and I wiped out a lot of old yarn from my stash. I was going to do a needlessly fancy border, but I lost the will to live and just wanted to finish, so I could curl up and die. I still have a bit of crap yarn and I might get started on another crapghan that isn't a granny square.

The asshole cat does approve of the scrapghan. I don't know if she actually appreciates it because she is the most unappreciative cat. It's her new favorite place to sleep though.

Oh, oh. I also used the crapghan when the power was out so I didn't freeze to death. It was effective as one of my five layers of blankets.

The end.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Birth of the Crochet Dalek Beanies

I came across a strange device, obviously from space. It was a Progenitor device. But it was a YARN Progenitor device.

I've been on a Doctor Who kick lately, rewatching all of that nonsense. I decided to poke around and look at some other Dalek hats on the mighty Internet. There's some good ones out there. I decided to make my own, but keep them simple. I wanted them to be more like beanies that happen to also be Daleks, rather than putting a fully-formed Dalek on your head, you know? Yeah, dude.

The first born from the Yarn Progenitor (crochet hook) was a bronze one. Nice. Simple. Classic Dalek design. People like color so I made a bunch with the same design in different colors then I also made two that were inspired by the Dalek Paradigm design (AKA the new Daleks). They're a lot of fun to make and really simple. I kept their eyes flat and simple and made their lights out of cute, little 2-inch pom poms. Here are pictures. Buy one for realsies from the Etsy shop. The green one is on sale for my GREEN SALE. omg