Sunday, February 23, 2014

Argyle Updates

The argyle is progressing nicely. There is a slight flaw in my pattern, but I went with it and I won't point it out. I had to take out a bunch of rows and didn't want to go further back than I already had. It's not a disaster. For my next argyle piece I'm going to make a new pattern with smaller diamonds and hopefully incorporate a third color. I'll also hopefully not mess up. Oopsies.

This is definitely going to be a pillow and I should be finishing it up in the next few days. Or today. Who knows? I have a new hat in mind and I have leveled up my knitting a lot. I unlocked the knitting in the round on circular needles skill.

I've been watching The Good Wife, which I recommend to anyone who likes a good law show with sassy judges. I keep wanting to make something inspired by the show, but what the hell would I make? Would I crochet a power suit?

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