Sunday, February 23, 2014

Argyle Updates

The argyle is progressing nicely. There is a slight flaw in my pattern, but I went with it and I won't point it out. I had to take out a bunch of rows and didn't want to go further back than I already had. It's not a disaster. For my next argyle piece I'm going to make a new pattern with smaller diamonds and hopefully incorporate a third color. I'll also hopefully not mess up. Oopsies.

This is definitely going to be a pillow and I should be finishing it up in the next few days. Or today. Who knows? I have a new hat in mind and I have leveled up my knitting a lot. I unlocked the knitting in the round on circular needles skill.

I've been watching The Good Wife, which I recommend to anyone who likes a good law show with sassy judges. I keep wanting to make something inspired by the show, but what the hell would I make? Would I crochet a power suit?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Assorted Woolly Updates

...been busy making stuff and getting supplies in order. I also have to do work that provides more instant money gratification. By supplies I don't mean anything interesting like more yarn, I
mean printer ink and shipping stuff for if I ever open my Etsy shop to sell the strange plethora of stuff I've made the last few weeks. :X

I also dragged out my super vintage crochet books for funsies. I'm not talking 90s, pals. I'm talking freaking antique crochet books. One is from 1979 and the other is from 1946. They smell like BO and decaying paper - they're awesome. Scope out some of these pictures. Soon I plan to take on that classic cardigan. They're always in style (it says so). I might also make that rockin' sweater vest. I will not make the baby sack (AKA baby bunting) on account of I don't have a baby to put in it. I guess I could put a cat in it. 

Speaking of cats, here is a cat up in my business, as usual. I conjured up some Dark Tower hats for fans of the books and/or graphic novels. I have to confess that I've only read the first two graphic novels. I have the rest and they're on my list of leisure activities.

I also starting making a World of Warcraft hat with the basic Horde logo. I ended up ripping it out twice. The first time the logo was just too big, the second time I don't remember what happened. I just know I got mad and pulled the whole thing apart. The third time was the charm. I made the logo much smaller and angled slightly. The final product looks pretty nice. The image to the right (yes, that is a cat leg) was the first attempt.

I'm also working on a large project - a pillow with an original design. My plan to do one larger, original project each week. This will give me time to work on three or four (or more) of my inspired-by-other-shit pieces. The pillow is going to have a knit front, which is finished and then the back is going to be crochet in matching colors and urchin stitch. It will be lined inside with cotton and stuffed with whatever type of stuffing I have in my craft mess.

If anyone was wondering, urchin stitch is my all time favorite crochet stitch. I have no idea why. Maybe I just like urchins.

Oh, and I got a new lint roller. Pretty much the classiest lint roller I've ever seen. Not only does it look awesome, but it gets the job done. It was only $2 at Food Lion too.

I'll be making some sort of other hat today and will hopefully have the shop up and running by mid-week. I'm just so insane about making sure everything is ready and that I am completely prepared. Especially since it's going to snow/ice this week and I'll be stuck in the house. Ugh. Weather.